How to get a book published

By Ethan Watson

The first step

Have you ever wanted to get a book published. If not then too bad your goanna listen to what a have to say, and your goanna like it!

any ways, Step one- first you need to write the book you goof. Make sure your satisfied with your book if you feel like it's missing something put it in. You might think that it takes longer (and it does), but we all know who won the race between the tortoise and the hair (I did). Finally reread it before you even think about starting step two you never how many errors

you might witch is why you should never get too cocky no ones perfect (except for me).

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Step two

Step two is in somewhat way similar to step one. you need to find an appropriate publisher. Do some research on good publishers for what ever genre your writing. Politely propose to him about your book and see how he feels about your book and how much money he want's from you, so yes your unless your a spoiled bratty rich kid your probably goanna have to stop being a dead beat and kid a job!