Sara Beckman (Smith)

What is Hemochromatosis?

Hemochromatosis is a disease in which to much iron builds up in your body. Anyone who's has two parents with the gene for Hemochromatosis is affected; if both of your parents has a gene for Hemochromatosis then you will have this disease.

How this can affect you?

You are more likely to start getting symptoms at a middle age; women often to have they symptoms in general such as fatigue (being tired all the time), men suffer a little more with this such as diabetes or cirrhosis (scaring of the liver) these are often the first symptoms. Hemochromatosis affects daily life by joint pains which can hurt when u walk and it can hurt a lot more if you are in a sport. With this disease you can have a normal long life as long as you stay on a healthy diet. A healthy diet for this includes regular checkups, phlebotomy, food my cooking it all the way, very little alcohol, not able to take iron pills, only allows to have a certain amount of vitamin c, and need plenty of exercise.
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How do you get Hemochromatosis

There are many mutations that cause Hemochromatosis one is protein building blocks (amino acids) which makes HFE protein. This regulates the amount of iron absorbs with food.
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