New Parent Information

By: Shadiana Haney

What should my baby look like as a newborn?

Your baby should have a rather large head when they are a newborn. Also most newborns skin is red and has little white bumps on their faces , called Millia. Your baby will also have a white film over there body and a lot of little white baby hairs all over their body. Be careful to watch the skin color of the baby, if it's skin is ever a yellow tint,see your doctor immediately. This could be a sign of a problem called Jaundice.

Bonding with my infant

The first year of a babies life is critical because babies are being introduced to a new and exciting world. Always be talking with your baby even when they cannot talk back, this will help them recognize familiar voices and develop their speech skills. Also it is important to have that kin to skin contact and letting the baby touch you to learn about new things around them. When you are bonding with your infant you should be close to their face because they can only see a few feet in front of them. Most importantly always show your baby you love them in little ways such as comforting them when they are upset.

Guidelines for safe toys:

Here are some things you DO want in a toy:


non toxic paints

No cords or strings

Bright primary colors (Red,blue, yellow)

Cause effect toys

Toys that make noise

Large pieces or 1large object

Things you DONT want in a toy:

Self painted toys

Homemade toys

Little pieces

Cords longer than 12 inches

Sharp edges

Dull and boring colors

Broken toys


Loose parts

Good examples of a SAFE toy:


Squeezy toys

Picture books

Stuffed animals

Toy unbreakable mirrors

Belly lay toys

Building blocks

Large containers

Pros and Cons of bottle feeding and Breast feeding:

Bottle feeding:

Pros- quick, doesn't hurt, controls amount, many different kinds for babies that are allergic to regular breast milk

Cons- expensive, always having to make a new bottle, always sterelizing bottles, not much immunities , no skin to skin contact

Breast feeding:

Pros- Helps mom with loosing weight, reduces breast cancer, immunities, always available, inexpensive, skin to skin contact

Cons- dad can't participate, sometimes hurts moms breasts, awkward in public places, can cause mom to "leak" in breast area

What and when do I feed my baby:

At birth:

Baby should be fed with bottle formula or breast feeding

2-4 weeks:

Orange juice or vitamin c supplement

4 weeks:

fluoridated water

3 months:

Cereals which provide iron, b vitamins

3-4 months:

Mashed hard cooked eggs

4 months:

Puréed fruits and vegetables

6 months:

Puréed meats

7months :

Breads and pastas that are small enough to swallow with out choking


Strained chopped adult foods

Characteristics of a healthy child:






Appropriate skin color


Not too fussy

Not to much crying

Wants attention

Is able to pay attention to something

SIDS prevention and crib safety

Ways to help prevent SIDS:

SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome that is caused by many different factors. You should always keep your baby in sight and be aware of what they are doing. When you lay them to sleep ALWAYS lay them on their back in their crib with nothing in the crib and nothing around the crib that the baby could grab. Also if you are sleeping in a different room from your baby you should have a baby monitor so you can hear and see your baby.


When choosing a crib you should always get a BRAND NEW crib that is painted with non toxic paint and has a tight fitted mattress. You should not be able to place your hand between the crib and mattress. Also always check for loose screw and things pointing out. The slabs on your crib should be no larger than 2-3 inches and there should be no slid down railing.