Abriella H. and Amra A.

What are Magnets?

Magnets are objects made of a ore called magnetite. They attract materials made of or containing iron. Magnets have to poles North and South. These poles attract and repel (opposites attract, alikes repel.)

Properties of Magnets

  1. Magnets attract materials made of iron
  2. Attract or repel other magnets
  3. Point North when allowed to swing freely

Magnetic Poles

  1. North and South
  2. Opposites attract
  3. Alikes repel
  4. When you break a magnet in two each piece still has a North and South pole

Magnetic Force

  1. Two types of force- Push and Pull
  2. Produced when poles interact

Magnetic Fields

  1. The area of magnetic force around a magnet
  2. distance is determined by how strong the magnetic field is
  3. Strong magnetic fields are close while far apart makes a weak field
  4. The field lines are strongest at the poles

Magnetic Domains

  1. The domains all point in one direction
  2. If you rub a piece of iron with a magnet in one direction numerous times the domains in that object will point in one direction

Additional Information

Did you know that you can make magnets levitate, One example of this is a maglev train which uses two opposite magnets on the bottom of the train and on on the track to move

If you smash or heat up a magnet it will lose its magnetism.

The Attraction and Repulsion of Magnets