South STRONG Weekly Bulletin

October 15th- October 26th, 2018

Principal's Post

South STRONG Staff,

South STRONG Staff,

As a reminder, there are several announcements in the Principal Post that are crucial for all staff to have clarity. All staff will be held accountable for knowing and following information provided here.

Our Goals this year:

IMPORTANT...Action Needed -Please read

6th Grade Teachers ONLY - New Elective Schedules

6th grade students who are not in the music program will be starting new electives on Monday. Please be sure to have students log-in to IC during advisory (Team C will receive paper copies to be handed out during period 1) to see their new exploratory and WIN classes.

WIN/Advisory - Schedule Week of October 22 :

Paper schedules will NOT be printed. Students need to log-on to IC during Advisory to see their NEW WIN class. Please see attached tutorial.

Monday, October 22 - Advisory (Review electronic schedules)

Tuesday, October 23- WIN Class #3 (First Day) Community building & goal setting.

Wednesday - Friday Let the learning continue!

Student Portal HelpSheet

Anne Butterworth, Ed.D

Assistant Principal


South STRONG Lobos,

I am excited to announce that in partnership with RISE Colorado and one of their partner organizations, we have the opportunity to offer a paid training and paid home visits to all interested South staff.

Our home-visit training will be on Wednesday, October 24th from 4-6 PM in the media center.

Home visits will take place throughout the school year.

Please see below or reach out to me for additional details:

  • 2 hour, paid training is to support you in strengthening the relationship between you, your students, and their families.
  • Home visits in this model are a research-based method that has been proven to help increase student attendance, decrease referrals, and improve instruction through differentiation (research brief here)
  • The training includes a review of high-impact family engagement strategies and hands-on practice for implementing relationship-based home visits

Looking forward to continuing the development of positive partnerships with our families!

If you are interested in this home visit opportunity, please click here to sign-up.

p.s....the link will ensure you get paid in a timely manner :)

Be well,

Angelique Green

Assistant Principal


COMPASS fall session has begun

Monday, Oct. 1st, 4pm to Thursday, Dec. 6th, 6pm


Still taking applications for all classes except Cooking.

Encourage your students to join!

Please see Tracee or Jasari for questions.

Building Council Meeting

Monday, Oct. 22nd, 4:15-5:15pm

SMS Large Conf Rm

WIN Committee Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, 4:15-5:15pm

SMS Large Conf. Room

Choral Festival (K.Bailey Trip)

Wednesday, Oct. 24th, 9am-2pm

SMS Staff Lounge

Home Visit Training (RISE)

Wednesday, Oct. 24th, 4:15-6:15pm

SMS Media Center

please click here to sign-up.

Report Cards go home w/students

Friday, Oct. 26th, 8am-4pm


CU Boulder student Interviews

Friday, Oct. 26th, 1:30-3:30pm

SMS Large Conf Rm

Athletics updates!

Please come & support your student athletes !

October 22nd- Girls' Soccer Games (A team @ SMS)/(B team @ Aurora Frontier)

October 24th-Girls' Soccer Games ( A team @ Quest)/ (B team @ SMS)

October 25th-Wrestling Match (SMS @ Vista Peak )

Upcoming Events

  • October 26th-Report Cards go home with Students!
  • October 26th- CU Boulder student Interviews
  • October 29th-Staff Meeting
  • October 30th- ILT Meeting
  • October 30th- Parent Coffee
  • November 2nd- WEB Event
  • November 5th- CLDE Talent Development
  • November 6th- ILT Meeting
  • November 9th- Early Release Day

Supervision Duties for the week

Updates will be provided by Mr. Lewis every Monday morning.

Supervision Schedule

Thank you, Sean Lewis

Field Trip & Activities requests

Dear staff,

All school trips school activities/events must be submitted for approval via the Field Trip Request form.

You may access the form Here, and can find this form within the "2018.19 forms" folder.

Building hours during Fall Break

Dear staff,

The building is open from 10:00 am - 6:30 pm, Monday -Friday next week.

If you would like to stop by for any reason, you are ONLY ok to come in during these hours.

All we ask is that you do not request anything from our custodial and office staff, as they are very busy during this time working on building projects and are not available for you.

Please hold on to any requests and emails until everyone is back from break on October 22nd.

As always, for weekend hours please refer to the facilities calendar.

Facilities Calendar

This calendar is available for all to view. All of our school's facility rentals are on this calendar.Therefore, whenever south has an event, we have custodial staff on site and you are able to come into the building for the time the event is taking place.


Thank you!

NEW electronic Discipline Referral Form!

Dear staff,

Moving forward this school year, please use this form when entering referrals for students.

When you fill out this form, you Grade level Administrator will receive an Automatic Notification via email and you will also receive a copy of your Referral.

Discipline Referral form

Also found in the 18.19 forms folder!

Please know, This Is THE WAY we are doing referrals this school year.

So please take a look and try it out if ever needed.

Thank you!

Clean up time!!

FALL Recess Cleaning and Shutdown

Our custodial staff will be cleaning rooms throughout the break. In order to help them with this process, please ensure that you leave your classroom tidy and clean. It greatly helps the custodians if you stack the chairs and clean up any loose piles of paper. If you have a need for a larger trash bin to purge some of your items, please contact one of our custodial staff.

Also, in anticipation of energy savings, please unplug all devices from your wall outlets. This includes fridges, microwaves, desktop computers, and anything else that has a plug.

Finally, it is imperative that you dispose of any food or drink items in the school. This includes anything you have in drawers, the staff lounge fridge, or any other spot on campus. We will get mice and other critters in our building if we do not take care of our space. Plus , our custodial team may get rid of these items if/when cleaning the Staff Fridge.

Message from Nurse Carmel

Field Trips!

Reminder to all teachers/staff who organize field trips, these are the steps to be take to assure all our student have what they need to be safe and healthy on every field trip.(For Medical purposes A Field trip is described as anytime you take students out of the building even if it is to another school)

. After request for field trip is approved,

1. Notify the nurse of the trip two weeks in advance

2.Provide list of students who will be going.

3. Identify staff member who will be delegated to give any required medications,

4. Person identified to give medication will need to review the link provided below

5 Take and Pass the Medication test.(attached

6 Demonstrate knowledge of how to administer pills, inhaler and epi-pen.

7. Have Knowledge of required documentation.

8. Sign Medication Delegation form

9. On day of trip Pick up first aid kit and any medications and medication orders

10. Have a CPR/AED certified staff member on the trip.

Emergency Procedures for injury Illness



Trade Day Hours

Please make sure to document your Professional Development (linked here) attendance for all hours that count for our Trade Day on Jan. 31st 2019. Just a reminder you need to document 7.5 hours per the staff agreement before this date.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Kelle May-Garst.

(Licensed) Staff South Events Attendance

Please make sure you document your attendance (linked here) to any South Middle School event per our staff agreement to spend 2 additional hours in our community and supporting our students at South.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Kelle May-Garst.

(Classified) Staff South Events Attendance (trade day)

177 day staff, please make sure you are entering your volunteer hours for EPR days, please click HERE.


Lobo Store

South STRONG Nation; The Lobo Store is open every Thursday right after school in the cafeteria. Student can purchase a plethora of items using Lobo Tickets. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please ask any member of our committee.

Thank you for your support: Karl Thompson, Kristen Lessard, Kristina Moller, Ingrid Gomez and Loretta Erickson.


Building Council Form

Do you have concerns about procedures, rules, regulations, or the overall structure of South? If so, please use this form to voice your concerns in addition to possible solutions. The Building Council will address these concerns/solutions during their monthly meeting.

Please refer any questions to the members of the building council: Kelly Bailey, Mikhaila Clements, Courtney Goertz, Sean Lewis, Ally Mattes, Jeff Miller, Anne Kramer, Carmel Devlin, John Portelle, Renee Mackenzie Note: Any suggestions or concerns about instructional programming should be directed to the Instructional Leadership Team. Thank you!


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South MS Apparel Order Form

Please stop by the lounge and take a look at our extended options for South shirts, hoodies, vests and this year's Baseball shirt…We hope to add so much more to the inventory as the year progresses.

If you would like to make a purchase please fill out the order form, also located in the lounge, next to the shirts or you can print the attached form.

Bring your Order form and money to Ms. Pimienta and she will send out your order.

*For staff that did Not receive a baseball shirt, if you would like to order a baseball shirt for the school year, please enter your order NOW, and we'll take care of the payment!

All orders will be placed on the last week of each month. * October 31st


Sports Fee fundraiser.Email Ms. Portelle.

Due to an increase in athletic fees, some of our students expressed interest in fundraising to assist with the cost. Throughout the year during lunch, and after school, students will be selling lollipops. If you know of a student who wants to earn his/her fees or have questions, comments or concerns, please email me

Thanks, John


South Important Forms:

You may access the following forms by clicking on the 2018.19 Forms under the Shared Drive, or by clicking HERE.

How To's:

*Please add the South building Calendar, where you can access all of South's events at any time.

*Please create a "Lockdown" contact list with the following people:

-Courtney Goertz, Sean Lewis, Angelique Green, Kelle May-Garst, Anne Butterworth, Rosalia Kundert, Christina Hull, Yadira Pimienta, Magaly Mar-Sotero"

You can find tutorials in the 2018.19 folder!

October Birthdays!


Kelley Ellis-October 5th

Mary Dwyer-October 5h

Jean Kreutzer-October 9th

Carmel Devlin-October 12th

Alicia Montano-October 17th

Julia Wicks-October 20th

Bertha Marrufo-October 21st

Rachel Martinez-October 25th

Aoi Sorensen-October 28th


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