Mrs. Birkland's Kindergarten Class

Room 108

This is it! Our final week: May 16-20

We are gonna miss kindergarten, but are ready for 1st grade!

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Almost-The End

I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by. I do not want to see these kiddos go, but am so excited to see what next year will bring. Thank you so much for entrusting me with your kiddos this year. It was a joy to have them. I am not just saying that. Sure, we had some crazy days, but out of the 173 we have spent together, About 170 of them were awesome! Please keep in touch throughout the years. Never hesitate to say HI or drop me an email to let me know how you all are doing. I would love to keep in touch.

Monday is going to fly by, but I will try to get some pictures in one last time and send out one last note to you all.

I hope you were able to check your child's backpacks tonight. There are some special papers inside.

What is inside that manilla envelope?

Please make sure to check out the manilla folder in your child's backpack. Inside you should find:

  • your child's grade card
  • parent page explaining the grade card
  • Ideas for summer and what your child's reading score means
  • iReady Math and Reading reports
  • Lexia report
  • Gates Testing Scores
  • Kindergarten "Diploma"
  • Class Picture

What do all these scores mean? The Lexia score should help you know which level your child finished on at the end of our school year. Remember, Lexia was a program we were on almost daily.

IReady testing was given at in September and again in March. It is a long test and pushes them past their ability level to try to determine exactly where they need further instruction. If the score is not reflective of where you think your child should be, please know that sometimes they get tired and just press buttons. So, don't stress about it this year.

Gates Test results-We gave the Gates test in February. This was our fill in the bubble test. It is a tricky test that requires a LOT of listening. If your child's score is lower than you would expect it, it could be because they had trouble paying attention. Again, don't stress about it.

What a Great playday!

We had such a fun time. the weather was perfect. there was so much to do. Ask your child what their favorite activity was.

i-week was awesome!

What is iWeek? i stands for innovations. During this time, we want them to engage in the 4C's-creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. This is a time for us to purposefully provide learning experiences in which your child can practice many/if not all of those skills in a wonderful hands-on, engaging environment. On Friday, we got to showcase our creations in front of the whole school. Check out some of the fun we had this week below!

Our Weaving Crew: Joey, Gavin, Lincoln, Cruise, Amber

Bubble Wand Makers: Katherine, Jaxon, Liam, Nora, Ethan

Paper Mache Pinatas: Greg and Izy

The Dance Team: Emma K, Emma B, Charlotte, Madison, Brianna, Isabella, Lilly

At the end of the day, we were exhausted!

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Summer Time Learning

Have you seen the movie Inside Out? Do you remember the scene where the two little workers are "cleaning up" long term memory by getting rid of all those memories that haven't been used in a while? Well, that is what could happen during the summer with all of your child's learning if they don't continue to work on and practice the skills they have worked to grow this year. There are many ways to help keep your child up to speed. Simply reading and writing! At the Liberty MCPL, they have a wall of leveled readers which would be an awesome place to let them check out books on their level to read.

Another way to help that is with the summer time packet I will be sending home on Monday. It is to be used when your child is looking for something to do or maybe it is rainy outside. Summer time is also a time of adventures, fun with family, memory making, and exploring, so remember that this is just 1 resource for continued practice.

At the back of the packet, are some different types of stationary paper in which your child can write me. I told them that if they write, I will write them back. I will be on vacation during some parts of the summer, so if I don't write back immediately, just assure them that I must be on vacation and I will write as soon as I am back. It is always fun to get mail. So, please, don't think of it as a bother to me, let them write me if they want to. :)

Another way to help your child is by continuing to let them access Lexia, Reflex Math, and our Raz-Kids apps. If you have the ability to access them you are welcome to.

See below for info on how to access some apps/websites this summer for continued growth.

Please Don't Forget your T-Shirt Order! No purchase necessary.

In an effort to help build our Schumacher Community, we will be working with PTA to purchase grade level t-shirts for each student to wear for spirit days, special assembly days and other school-wide events next year. Please complete the following Google form with your child’s information, including t-shirt size.

Last Call for Classroom Books!

Do you have any of our classroom books at home? I am collecting back all books that your child may have borrowed from our room this school year. The ones I am most concerned about are any real (not paper) books. If in doubt, you can send them back and I will let you know. So, try to find those book envelopes and get them back to me as soon as you can. Thanks so much!

Dates to Remember


23rd-Last Day of School, Early Release at 1:10


2-28 Summer School


17th-First Day of School