Happily Brought to You By ConnectAround

Welcome to the first 55+ active adult community network. With ConnectAround, residents of Rossmoor, Walnut Creek can connect and coordinate via the online bulletin board, create interest groups and manage their clubs and memberships, view activities and events, alert each other with urgent news and scams, and so much more.

Benefits for Both Individuals and Community Groups and Clubs!

Benefits for Individuals:

1. Finding out about club and group events that you may not have read about in the news paper

2. Searching for other Rossmoor residents from your home town, workplace, or with other common interests

3. Sharing photos, links to important articles, and other interesting information

4. Sharing important updates for neighbors - such as a power outage, robbery, or other urgent matter -in instant and real time

5. The Bulletin Board - sharing needs, haves, or wants with hundreds of people with ease

6. 24/7 Access to the weekly calendar and special events (in case you lose the paper!)

7. Get urgent news in real time! Water Shut Downs, Scams, Crime, and other emergencies can be time sensitive. We will share it quickly!

Benefits for Clubs and Organizations:

1. Not having to know or keep track of email addresses

2. Instantly mass messaging your entire group with 1 click

3. Automatically sent emails in the case of an emergency or when an event is added or rescheduled

4. Having accessible information for curious new residents/potential club members

5. Allowing for easy and organized "offline" discussion between meetings

6. Safety and Security (vs. other groups group which is picked up by Google)