Kay Dominguez

About Me


I like to draw and create things because no one can judge. I have a very blessed life and family that includes my father, mother, and a very complicated brother. I have three adopted cousins one from south Korea one from China and one is waiting to be picked up in China right now. I Like riding 4-wheelers. I am in 4-H which is a club to do fun activities I show rabbits I do cooking competitions I do photography.
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This Year I'm going to state with all the other TMSCA people like Julie Johnson and Diego Sanchez
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Things I am good at

I am way better a school activities than at sports because my brain works more towards academics than sports
Animoto video here to see

Live the good life.


I admit it I am a band nerd and no matter what happens I will always have music by my side and my clarinet to my other.
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