James Alvarado


airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving Denver Colorado to go to the Bahamas I am leaving on april 2nd and coming back on the 28th of april for the flight on public transportation to the Bahamas. It will cost 1,906 dollars for 1 person for 2 it will cost 3,380 dollars and it will be from 1:20am to 5:24am which is almost 5 hours long and the plane is also first class also it is private transortation for the time that we fly also it is just me and my friend in the plane having fun.


I am buying a hotel room on trip adviser it is the nicest hotel I have ever seen in my life it is called the rock house and it cost $300 for 1 person to stay 1 night and $600 for 2 people to stay 1 night . The hotel offers great looking rooms and a very quiet and privite pool and yard. It also has some of the fastest internet and some of the best food in the world . We are going to be staying for a week so it will cost $4,200 dollars in total.


Today I am at the hotel and me and my friend are going to be eating a great breakfast and diner we are having pancakes with a fruit topping and drinking orange juice. But for diner we are eating prime rib that costed alot of money but was the best food I have ever tasted.We are also going swimming in the huge water park in the back of our hotel in our private transportation limo we will be staying the whole day and the limo will bring us back to the hotel at the end of the day . We will also be sky diving the day after that it is going to be very awesome and fun . :)

history and culture

The bahamas were found in 1492 when Cristopher Columbus was sailing and found civilization with many people before them but they had not built anything, soon after that people started to build homes and more at the bahamas and now it is how it is very very popular and many people go to the island to have fun and have a great life there. www.historyofnations.net/northamerica/bahamas.html


We are going to be going back to our home in the same awsome airplane we took to come here . On the way back it will be longer beacause there will be a storm on that day but it will be fine.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

some problems to anticipate are to make sure you have enough money for the whole trip to do that save up enough to be able to spend a lot for some fun. Another problem to anticipate is to make sure you don't lose anything when you are leaving from your trip or during your trip. To avoid this keep track of all the stuff you have and try not to lose anything.


After this very long but super fun filled trip with many memories we are finally home after 1 whole month. We have spent lots and lots and lots of money on expensive things like food the plane clothes shoes hotel and alot more. I hope to have another awsome trip like this again sometime.