Animal Life

A Volunteer Based Non Profit Helping Animals

Our mission, services and committment saves lifes

Animal Life is a small group of volunteers who believe animals deserve compassion, care and a family to give and receive love. We rescue animals from high kill shelters in the 11th hour when euthanazia is immenent. We are the last chance these family pets have at life. Funds raised for Animal Life directly provide shelter, vet, food and transport fees and allow animals to have a second chance on life.

Ways to get involved:

Contact your local representative and demand the adoption of reverance for life policies.

Become a foster! You will see the amazing gift of saving an animal's life first hand.

Share your talents! Volunteer with Animal Life for transport, pet adoption events, fundraising and more.

Donate! All funds go directly to help save animal's lives. There is an abundance of animals that need rescue weekly and we need your help to save them.

Our community has to face this crisis together and work to make changes. We need you!

Bryan Rouse
Animal Life Inc
430 S. Orange St.
Coats, NC 27521