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The Importance of Protecting One's Information

Be aware of Sam Wilson the teenage hacker. There are people around the world who have the ability to access your personal information. In the case of Mr. Wilson he built a network of hackers who attempted to and nearly fooled the White House Homeland Security Division. It is very important that you protect yourself from people like Mr. Wilson, as they are always looking for ways to effect the lives of others. Computers give them the greates opportunity.

The movie is coming soon!!

The movie review.

A 17 year old named Sam decided to have Americans International Internet System, just to receive the newest technology, the Nuero-headsets. After getting the headsets for his best friend and himself, the world took off into a raging blur. All of a sudden, Sam meets Vienna and Dodge, together they fight against the world strongest and meanest military like system known to man. After loosing his life, Sam pulls through. See the movie of Brain Jack. Starring, Tyler Perry, Denzel Washington and Zac Efron.
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Feature Article:

Sources reveal that this 87 year old man, Mr.Jones feels healthier and younger than he has in years!!!! He says "As soon as I put this snazzy device mechanism on my noggin I began to feel my cater-ex slowly slip away and the arthritis vaporized from my joints!! I feel like one of those young halogens again!!