My True Color Is Green

Jeremy Cubberly 1Hr

Child Hood

My childhood was spent thinking about the world. Philosophizing everything I saw. Why is the sky blue? I asked myself these questions thinking I knew the answers. But some things just cant be answered. Where do black holes go and why. I didn't know why i asked these questions but this led to more and more questions.


I feel like if I like you as a friend you would now your my friend. If i don't like you you'll know it. You should be able to tell if i don't like you. But I suppose some people are oblivious.

Leadership Style

If I'm not the leader of a group that's fine but whoever is the leader might want to listen to me every once and a while. I try to improve the group. I encourage change for the better of the group.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

You'll know I've had a bad day if you see me being indecisive. If I don't comply and silent treatment.Sarcasm is another one. I get really sarcastic when I'm angry or tired.


1) What three characteristics about your color fit you best? My childhood,my relationship,and my leadership style

What three (3) characteristics were not like you? Symptoms of a bad day, parts of relationship, and part of leadership style
3) How might your color affect you at work? This could affect my work in a good way if I work at NASA or some place like that because i think so much and if I worked at Microsoft I can have fun while I work. Some what. It could get me fired if I disrupt other peoples work and I would think of ways to change the system in ways that would break the system.