Gregory Heffley

By Jaiden Kacic Class 601


Age: 13

Lives in: America

Where: 301 Main Street

Likes: Writing in my diary, hanging out with friends, playing Net Kritterz

Dislikes: arguments with friends, getting teased by Rodrick my older brother


Rowley came over my house for a sleepover. My brother Rodrick scared us.
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Fregley is one of my friends at school. He is 13 years old. He usually comes over at lunch and says wacky things. He doesn't have many friends because of how hyper he is. He is also on my soccer team in school.
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Karen is one of my friends. We sometimes have conflicts because we have different thoughts on things. At school, he is on my soccer team and we all work as a team to score goals.
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Rowley is my best friend. We commonly have sleepovers and we always get along with each other. In school, we are in the same class and when both of his parents go to work, he comes over my house to stay. He is on my soccer team at school.