Tornadoes Today


What is a Tornado?

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A Tornado also known as a twister is a amazingly destructive whirlwind that descends to the Earth from the womb of a thundercloud.
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Tornado Alley

More Tornadoes occur in the United States than anywhere else on earth. From Nebraska to Texas, experience the most tornadoes. This area is called Tornado Alley.
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How do Tornadoes form?

Cold air blowing southward from Canada frequently collides with warm, moist air moving northward from the Gulf of Mexico. These conditions are perfect weather for a thunderstorm or tornado.

How do you know if a Tornado is coming ?

One sign is that they usually occur after a thunderstorm. If you see a cumulonimbus cloud there might be a Tornado.

Do you know what warnings to look for?

When there is a warning about a tornado the call it a "tornado warning".

Are there precautions you can take and are there scales to tell how bad there are?

Yes there are precautions you can take like getting in a basement and getting away from windows. Also there are scales like the one below.
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Time Lapse of the 05-27-15 Canadian Texas Tornado