2nd Grade Snapshot

February 22-25


Welcome to the Second Grade Snapshot! Here you can find information about what we are learning this week, upcoming homework, and important news. Please reach out to your child's teacher individually if you have any questions!

What We're Learning


Phonics and Vocab:
  • Suffixes -ful and -less
  • R-controlled vowel or, ore
  • Multisyllabic words with or and ore

Reading Workshop:

  • Ideas and Support
  • Text Organization
  • Synthesize
  • Text Features



  • Using Commas
  • Irregular Verbs

Writing Workshop:

  • Imaginative Stories



  • Multiplication foundations
  • Arrays
  • Building arrays out of equal groups
  • Recognizing columns and rows


Water and Weather

  • The sun, moon and stars
  • Patterns in the sky

Social Studies

Civil Rights

  • Government
  • Working together to solve problems
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Segregation


  1. Spelling Packet due 2/28/2022
  2. Math Module 6 Lessons 18, 19, 20
  3. Reading log due end of February

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes

Spelling Test - 2/28

Math C Quiz - 2/25

Important Info

Two's Day (2/22/2022)

On Tuesday, 2/22/22, we will be celebrating "Two's Day" at Park Meadows! The teachers will be dressing up as dynamic duos and we are encouraging kids to do the same! We will have a day filled with lots of activities relating to the fabulous number 2. We are looking forward to seeing the outfits!