Ground water

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Ground water

Ground water is water that is stored underground. It gets there when rain soaks into the ground and stays there in things called aquifers.
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There are two types of aquifers unconfined and confined.
Confined aquifers are not on the surface.
Unconfined aquifers are still under the surface but still has parts on the surface.

Porosity VS. permeability

Porosity and permeability are ways to measure to measure how much space between rocks the more space the easier it is for water to go through. If it has a lot of porosity it can hold more water so those types of materials are better for ground water.

The water cycle

The water cycle is the way water goes around. It starts when water evaporates when it is heated by the sun. Then when it goes high enough it goes on a dust particle and cools. Next when there is to much water it comes down as precipitation (rain,sleet,and snow). Finally when the ground can't hold any more water it stays on the surface and goes to the nearest water source as runoff.
Mod-01 Lec-06 Zones of Aeration and Saturation; Aquifers and their characteristics/classification


A aquiclude is soil rock or sediment that water can't go through. It can separate different aquifers and other things.

Things ground water depltion can cause

  • Earthquakes from rapid water depletion
  • Ground subsidence
  • Loss of water supply
  • Drought

The main ways the USA pollutes ground water

Ground water in the US makes up of about 50% of the drinking water but it is also heavily polluted here are some ways it is. Chemicals and road salts, septic systems, and landfills.