The Lion's Roar

April 6, 2023

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APRIL 2023

4/10 – Tennis @ Magnolia JH

4/11 – Golf @ Pecan Lakes in Navasota

4/11 – 6th UIL Academic Meet @ Montgomery JH

4/11 – Track @ Waller

4/12 – Delayed Start

4/13 – UIL Academic Meet @ Magnolia JH

4/14 – Men’s Choir Regional Contest @ York JH

4/14 – Royal Pride Dance Spring Show

4/14 – Pep Rally (Lions Go Hawaiian)

4/14 – Boys Soccer Tournament (TBA)

4/15 – Women’s Choir Regional Concert

4/18 – 6th Grade Reading/Language Arts STAAR

4/18 – Tennis @ Lake Creek

4/19 – 7th Grade Reading/Language Arts STAAR

4/20 – 8th Grade Reading/Language Arts STAAR

4/20 – Girls Soccer vs. Irons JH

4/20 – Boys Soccer @ Irons JH

4/20 – Parent Meeting for DC Trip @ 5pm

4/25 – 8th Grade Science STAAR

4/25 – Tennis @ Lake Creek

4/27 – 8th Grade History STAAR

4/28 – Region Choir Competition

4/28 – Mission Possible

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Oak Hills Jr High- MISDEF Campus Grant
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As we wind down the year, it becomes a little easier to get lax with how our students are dressing for school. Students must still meet dress code expectations with regards to following the student code of conduct. A few common dress code violations that we are seeing:

· No hats, hoodies, caps, head coverings may be worn in the building.

· Leggings should be modest with normal movement.

· Skirts/shorts/holes in jeans must be mid-thigh or longer.

· No cropped tops are allowed. Students' midriff should never be visible.

· Pajamas and house shoes/slippers are also prohibited.

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The Counselor's Corner

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No one likes dealing with conflict, but no matter how hard we try to avoid it, arguments and disagreements are a fact of life – for all ages. Conflict resolution is an important skill for successful social interaction and being able to resolve conflict is vital. Conflict may not be pleasant, but is doesn’t have to feel catastrophic.

Teaching students a set of practical skills to manage it in a healthy way will help them navigate small squabbles to bigger issues. The skills below will help guide them in resolving conflicts as well as assist in other areas of their education and life.


Part of what makes conflict difficult to navigate is the way it brings out big, intense emotions. Before the conflict can be addressed, students need to be able to be in a place emotionally where they can think before they act. Take time to calm the emotions by taking a walk, practicing deep breaths, finding a quiet place to regain emotional composure.


Helping students identify the root of the conflict will make it easier for them to resolve the actual issue and will give them tools to identify and talk about similar problems as they arise. Students need to listen and try to understand the other person’s perspective, practicing empathy.


Once students have had the opportunity to share their perspective about the conflict, they need to take responsibility for their actions. In most instances, each student has some responsibility for part of the conflict, if not an equal part.


Given what students heard from each other, they can brainstorm solutions that are agreeable and considered a win-win for everyone involved. Compromise is a large part of choosing a solution that will be most successful.


Students may end the conflict with affirmation by acknowledging what happened and encouraging all involved to follow through with the solution plan. Students can verbalize forgiveness if the situation is such that apologies have been made and responsibility has been taken for specific actions.

The true goal of conflict resolution is for all involved to think creatively, coming up with a solution that everyone feels good about and each person feels that their needs have been met as a result. Mastery of this skill will be a tool for success throughout life.

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Nurse's Notes

Immunizations for 6th graders:

Current 6th graders will need a Tetanus within the past 5 years and the shot for Meningitis to pick up their schedule in August for 7th grade. If your 6th grader receives any immunizations, please forward a copy to the school nurse at so their health record can be updated and they will be ready for 7th grade.


Please do not send ANY medicine to school with your student. Over the counter medicine must be brought in by a parent/guardian and a form has to be completed and filed in the clinic. The same procedure for prescription medication is required but will need a doctor’s signature before the medication will be accepted. All medication your student has in the clinic will need to picked up by the parent before the end of the year or it will be disposed of. Medication is not kept in the clinic for the next school year.

MISD Health Protocols:

The following health protocols are beneficial for preventing any infectious disease, and individuals should stay home if experiencing signs of illness. We ask that all individuals who will be present at a district facility to please exercise personal responsibility as it relates to self-screening, personal health and ensuring the health of those around you. If you or your child is sick with symptoms such as fever equal or over 100.0 degrees, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, or other symptoms indicative of infectious disease, please do not attend school or school events.

For an individual who tests positive for COVID-19, the CDC recommends the individual stay home for at least five days from when the symptoms first appeared, and no fever within 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications, and other symptoms are improving. If you need to report a positive case for a Montgomery ISD employee or student, that information may be reported on the COVID Reporting Form. This information will be used to report to the local health department.

Lion Athletes at The Special Olympics

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Attendance Matters

Student attendance is an extremely important factor in the overall success of students in the classroom. At Oak Hills, our desire is for all students to be in class every day. That said, we know that students will get ill, appointments have to be made, and unforeseen incidents occur that affect a student’s ability to attend school. In the event your student needs to miss school, please notify Mrs. Sedoff, our Attendance Clerk, at or have your student drop off a parent or doctor’s note in the front office when they return to campus. Your student’s attendance matters! Attendance Office Website
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