Earthing Spotlight

"getting grounded"

"Grounding" or "body earthing" is the utilization of the earth to stabilize and modulate the electrical potential of the body. This can be accomplished many ways, but among the simplest is just going barefoot on soil. The following link explains the premise.

Dr. James Oschman

As one of the principle developers of the earthing approach to health, he suggests the following...


  1. When walking on the earth barefoot, free electrons from the earth transfer into your body via the soles of your feet. These free electrons are some of the most potent antioxidants known to man.
  2. Lack of grounding, due to widespread use of rubber or plastic-soled shoes, may have contributed to the rise of modern diseases by allowing chronic inflammation to proliferate unchecked.
  3. Experiments have shown that free electrons from the earth cause beneficial changes in heart rate, decreases inflammation, reduces pain, promotes healthy sleep, and thins your blood, making it less viscous, which has beneficial impact on cardiovascular disease.
  4. Ideal locations for earthing are on the beach, close to or in the water, and on dewy grass.

Thinking about the pros and cons...

The pros are selling the products that the author is recommending for profit.

The cons are being financed by pharmaceutical intrests that don't want to lose business.

It is easy to walk on wet grass in the spring, and you don't have to buy anything from anybody. If it makes you feel good, and it isn't hurting anyone, do it.