Max the Mighty

Time line

Chapter 2:max meets a girl named worm

Chapter 5: worm puts a book in maxes pocket that tells him to return the book

chapter 6: max helps worm get away from the undertaker

chapter:6 max says hes become a criminal and has to run from police.

chapter 8-9:They cant get to The bus station so they hitch hike
Chapter 9: they meet dip

chapter 11:they meet joanie and frank
chapter 13: frank fakes an injury

Chapter 15: frank calls the cops on max

Chapter 17: max and worm meet Hobo joe

chapter 20: worm and max Get to chivalry,Montana

Chapter 23: Max figures out worms dad is dead

chapter 27: dip comes to save max and worm from the mine

Chapter 28-29: The undertaker get trapped under rubble and max helps him

Chapter 30: the undertaker gets arrested.

Jazzy Elevator Music