REFRESH Newsletter

Vol. 3, March 16, 2015

Week 3 Tip: Use Google Drive to Backup your files!

Google Drive is online storage for your files. Recently Google announced "unlimited" storage for schools. Your MGSD account qualifies for unlimited storage. MGSD is recommending Google Drive for your files and storage as we transition to new machines.

Visit and start backing up your files NOW (assuming you started "Spring Cleaning" last week).

You can simply drag and drop files and folders to Drive, or click the "New" button and upload files, create folders, and organize your content. For a quick 5 minute tutorial of Drive watch:

NOTE: No backup (including Google Drive) is absolute. We are recommedning Google Drive but also strongly recommend an additional backup solution such as a thumb drive or external hard drive)


Now that every school has been introduced to the REFRESH, we have some data to share.

Did you know?

~ 50 % of the MGSD Certified Staff were not here when the Digital Conversion started

~ 20 % of the MGSD Certified Staff knew about SAMR

~ 40 % of the MGSD Certified Staff knew that MGSD had a technology classroom walkthrough rubric