Akirah's Bucket List


Sahara Desert

I want to visit the Sahara desert one day. I would go with my sister because she's cool. The desert sand BREAKS DOWN due to physical weathering. The force of erosion is wind.

Rio Grande

I would like to go hand gliding in Rio Grande i would go with aulanna because i would really like to hear her scream my name because she is scared of that and not me the type of weathering is phcical due to the wind

Hawii's Volcanoes National Park

I would like to go to the national park in Hawaii because it looks really cool I would go with Maris because she is really fun the type of whethering is phycical caused by water
♠ Flyboard ♠ HD

Fly Boarding in california

I would go fly boarding in california because it is very pretty and i would go with my sister beacause she like waterthe type of wethering is pycical due to the water

visit india

I would like to visit India because, there are hump day camels. I would go with maris beacuse she is cool. In India i could see weathering ocurring in the Brahmaputra river. this would be an example of physical weathering.