Personal Life to AfterLife

What can your personal life do to the after life?


Hello, my name is Isabella. I am 16 years old, a sophomore at F.L. Schlagle. In addition, I play league of legends as my favorite hobby. But as you know I'm the youngest now that my little brother is gone. We struggled here and there. It was pretty depressing for me because we are all 4 years apart and he was closest to my age. But I managed to try to stay strong as possible. However, I've always wonder that if I were to be in him, would I be scared of going through the After life? Or What is it like to be in the after life? Well maybe a little because I don't actually know and I have never experienced going into the shadow of death tunnel. I know this is a lot to read but no, I do not like to write but yet I write a lot because I have a lot to say about my life and experiences.

The Reasons For Research

My essential question that I chose is interesting because my brother passed away 6 years ago and I wanted to know what was it like to be living in the after life. Since we are all going to go through the after life one day, I'm pretty sure everyone would like to know what the after life is like after their death.