Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change is a topic that concerns everyone.

Human impact on climate change

Humans are causeing the climate to change at alarming speeds. We are doing this by putting more co2 in the atmosphere, changing the tempature of the earth and there for changing the climate in biomes.

What is climate change? And why is it happening?

Climate change is the earths tempature changing and increasing from all the co2 we are putting back into the atmosphere. When the dinosoars where around a lot of volcanic activity was happening over a long time period making a lot of CO2, the earth naturally obsorbed the CO2 over millions of years. Once humans found these deposits of CO2 we deamed them as a energy sorce and begain to put that CO2 back into the atmosphere vary quickly. Un-doing millions of years of absorbtion and putting it into the atmosphere faster then it did when the volcanos did it. This drastic change in the CO2 being put out there is changing the tempature of the earth, and changing the biomes around the world causing rivers to dry up, grasslands will be turning into desserts, sahannas will also turn to desserts, tropical forests world wide will be decreased, and the polar ice caps are melting causeing coastal flooding world wide. Those are just some of the effects this topic can have world wide if we dont do something now. Climate change will affect everyone in different ways.

Solution for this global problem

A solution for this problem could be the use of more renewable energy sources, so us humans create less CO2 by useing energys sources that give that green house gas.