The Plymouth Student Educator

The e-journal dedicated to publishing undergraduate research from Plymouth University's education programmes is back!

What is The Plymouth Student Educator?

The Plymouth Student Educator is an open access electronic peer-reviewed journal which publishes undergraduate student research work from Plymouth University’s education disciplines.

The specific objectives of the journal are:

  • to showcase the quality of student work from across the Plymouth Institute of Education
  • to act as a pedagogic tool by providing a source for critical discussion in the classroom
  • to provide ‘students as authors’ with a greater understanding of research and academic writing processes
  • to be a potential source of inspiration for further undergraduate research
  • to provide a free open access site for students to have their work published
  • to provide peer support in the form of models of good and varied practice
  • to encourage students to become more reflective and critical of their own research and writing skills

Each issue will feature a selection of articles sourced from different levels of study, including assignments such as final year projects, case studies, literature reviews and reflective practice. Readers will be able to access the current issue and all archived material from a simple menu.

How can I submit my work?

If you are interested in publishing in the journal, you can submit your article using the online submission process. Go to:, select Register, enter your details and register as an author. Once you receive login details, you will be able to login as an author and follow the submission steps. It is recommended that you first discuss your work with a tutor beforehand. Reviewers will be selected from a range of volunteer tutors and postgraduate students on the basis of their interests and expertise.

About Us

If you have any enquiries, comments or suggestions regarding the journal, please contact a member of the Editorial Team:

Valerie Huggins

Philip Selbie

Ciaran O'Sullivan