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These Do's and Dont's are helpful tips on lifting and how you can help your body stay or become in a better shape.

  • Be safe
  • Have a partner
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • remember to Breathe
  • Plenty of rest in between workouts
  • Don't go too much over the weight you know you can lift
  • Don't rush
  • Always warm up
  • Always listen to the burning/ pain

How lifting can help you

Many people who are over the age of 40 wonder how can lifting be beneficial to them. Little do they know it can actually help them live longer and become more healthy as they age. Lifting helps the human body become more agile such as allowing muscles to take in more oxygen an burn calories to creating stronger bones for people who lift weights for as long as just 20 minutes no matter how much the weight is. It can help your muscles become stronger as you age and reduce cardiac arrest. It reduces this because of the amount of oxygen that your muscles are able to take in help keep your blood at a nice and steady flow. This helps athletes as well because it allow their endurance to stay up while playing and keep them from becoming out of breathe quickly. It affects things such as the amount of tissue that is on a muscle as well as your nervous and physiological systems creating them to become strong and leading them to be more reliable as you age and as well as cause metabolic syndrome to be come 37% less likely as well. As you age your body begins to deteriorate with age so why not help reduce that and have you become more healthy with lifting weights and help you stay around longer while living the life that you wanna live and be able to do the things that you wanna do as you get older and shows why lifting can help you.


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