Lung Cancer

Kewanna Walker

What is Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the lungs. As they grow, the abnormal cells can form tumors and interfere with the functioning of the lung, which provides oxygen to the body via the blood. There are two major types of of lung cancer, Non- Small Cell and Small Cell.


To treat lung cancer there are three options, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Surgery is rare for those with Small Cell lung cancer


To mange lung cancer it is important to drink non-caffeinated fluids, eat fruits and vegetables & foods high fiber foods. It is also important to get rest when needed, take medications prescribed by the doctor, and use portable oxygen concentrators or inhalers if there is trouble breathing.


To lower your chances of getting lung cancer, the #1 thing to do is not smoke, and if you do smoke you should quit. Smoking causes 90% of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. You can also develop lung cancer from secondhand smoking as well. It is also important to get your home tested for radon and eat foods high in antioxidants.

Facts About Lung Cancer

  • African American men have the highest rate of lung cancer in the U.S.
  • Tumors can grow in the lungs for a long time before they are found.
  • Most people are diagnosed at stages III and IV because it is hard to detect at stages I and II.
  • Small Cell lung cancer spreads rapidly.
  • Lung cancer is leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S among men and women.

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