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Bonding, restoration, yoga and therapy: Ask the Expert!

Bonding doesn't happen without devoted attention and good timing around letting go.

In yoga you learn to listen, breathe, stretch and let go. In partner yoga, your bond moves as one yogi learning to listen, breathe, stretch, catch, and let go together.

I'm pleased to offer expert advice for couples, yogis and yoga studios
  • 3 months, weekly group and guided partner yoga bonding
  • Yoga instruction with deep listening and bond technique for couples
  • Q & A with the yoga teacher and a couples therapy expert

Yoga Studios use Integrative Consultation

Integrative Consultantation combines psychology, couples therapy and your wellness practices. Therese Bogan

Why do couples need to respect my loved one's space or private time? Why does my partner need to do so much yoga? What is the point of self-care in a relationship? How can we get rid of some of this tension? Why did our sex life die? How do I take home all the things I learn in yoga and therapy?

I want to answer your questions and give you expert guidance.