Helping IMHRO

Help the organization to fulfill their destiny!

Be the assistance to the people in need.

Mental health is a serious issue. And at IMHRO, they're working on it to solve the problem. Studies show that 1 in 4 people have a mental health condition, and 1 in 20 have a serious mental health condition, meaning that there's lots of people at risk with their issue.

IMHRO's current goals.

IMHRO's looking forward to achieveing their current goal; neuroscience. Neuroscience- which is brain science, is what IMHRO's collecting your money for. In a simple way of explaining neuroscience, it's helping scientists look into it more in order to fix it to improve people's lives or even save the lives of some, and you can help be their hero.

Long-Term Effects

IF the problem isn't fixed, there is a lot of long-term effects. Things such as not having the same possibilities as 'normal' people do, effecting in hobby's, interests, etc. that can't be done because of their mental health condition getting in their way. People who have a mental health issue usually have a label or a stereotype, resulting in things like their self-esteem to be brought down. There are lots of ways that make lives or the people living with a mental health problem incredibly hard, making them have negative emotions and thoughts. Along with that that can effect their social life, like furthering away from friends and family creating other terrible issues like social anxiety, depression, etc. In the end there's just a big chain of terrible things that could happily and hopefully be broken.