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2/14/21 - Preparing for Hybrid!

Hello Families! In 2 weeks we will begin our change to the hybrid schedule. Please know that these two weeks are just as important as what is to come. Scholars need to remain consistent with attendance and work completion no matter what model we are using. We are putting in place a new hybrid schedule that is allowing for the least amount of change for everyone.

Please remember that teachers will have dual roles with this transition so some variations will take place. We guarantee that your scholar will receive just as much education, it simply will look just a little different. We thank you so much for your patience and adaptability during this transition. Schedules will be sent out soon but again please note the below changes.

Please be aware of 3 things, prior to this date:

1. We truly need you to complete the survey so we can have an accurate count on who wants to attend class in-person or remain virtual. A+AA Scholar Learning Declaration Survey

We are making some changes to the hybrid scheduling:

2. 8th grade ONLY will attend Mondays and Tuesdays

7th grade ONLY will attend Thursdays and Fridays.

This change is necessary so that there is less interruption to your scholars academic schedule.

3. We will NOT be using the last schedule created. We will send out the new hybrid schedule soon. We promise our goal is to help remain as consistent as possible and these changes will make the transition much easier for every scholar.

PLEASE NOTE - No changes to the schedule will be made prior to March 1st. Keep moving along with the schedule we have been using since August. Thank you!

LET'S CELEBRATE!!!!! We have an all-call system again! We will be able to give you real-time text updates. We don't want to lose anyone due to miss communication. We know your time is valuable and confusions interrupt too much in our lives.

Please Remember:

**Teacher's are offering ways for scholar's to improve their grades when in attendance.**

** Your scholar can get homework help in our after school program Monday through Friday from 2:45 - 4:00. Information below**

Virtual Schedules: This will be WEEK B. Your scholar's virtual schedule is below

Coming Up!

After School Program: Parent Night - February 18th (see flier below)

President's Day (NO SCHOOL) - Monday, February 15th

End of 3rd Quarter - March 17th

Spring Break - March 29th - April 5th

Announcement! Mr. Powell will be joining the Napoleon team for this quarter. This will NOT effect the schedule in any way. Scholars will simply have Mr. Powell instead of Mr. Eades.

VIRTUAL Schedules:

7-1 -


7-2 -


8-1 -


8-2 -


Attendance: We are required to monitor your scholar's attendance as we have always done. Attendance is also directly tied to your scholar's success in their classes. Attending ZOOM sessions are a must in order for your scholar to understand how to complete assignments and to receive the support needed to achieve quality grades. Teachers are also available outside of class time to work with scholars. Please take advantage of this!

Grades: Your scholar's 2nd Quarter report cards are available online (link to directions below). If you are having a hard time connecting to see them please email bwisher@aplusarts.com or jrishell@aplusarts.com and we can send them to you. Also remember that your scholar's grades are ALWAYS available, with specifics, through their Google Classroom.

Transportation: Please look below for updated information about busing for scholars.

Meals: Meals will be available for pick up on Monday from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. Please drive around to the back door. Thank you!

After-School Program: VIRTUAL OPTION! Please register here: http://bit.ly/AplusPLAreadingsignup Parents! Your scholar can get homework help from 2:45 until 4:00 pm everyday Monday through Friday. Email ghigginbotham@aplusarts with any questions you may have.

Help Desk: PLA has a help desk to help meet your technology needs. Please see the link below.

Calendar: Attached you will find the school calendar. We will be sure to communicate other important dates weekly

RETURN HYBRID ANNOUNCEMENT - from our Regional Director

After School Program - Upcoming Parent's Night!

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8th Grade Parents!

Can you believe high school is right around the corner!

Columbus City School's 2021/2022 School Year Lottery is open! Please click the following link in order to receive all the information and guidelines with this. https://www.ccsoh.us/Page/1184.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out.

Ohio Construction Academy will be joining class on Friday, February 26th during your scholar's ELA class.

Franklinton High School came and spoke to the 8th graders on February 11th. Please ask your child about the school. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Cristo Rey sent a representative to talk to your scholars about their high school. If you want more information, please reach out and we will help connect you. Your scholar was also given the information.

We are working on coordinating with other schools to speak to your scholar's as well. If you have any questions please call us 614-338-0767

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Access Interim/Report Cards Here

Technology Needs and Concerns? (please click below)

Below are a few tips to prevent the devices from low performance, damage, or accidental lost.

Ø Ensure the case remains on the IPad or Chromebook.

Ø Ensure food and drink are not around the device.

Ø Ensure scholars are stationary when using the device.

Ø Monitor data usage on the hotspot.

Ø When lessons have concluded for the day, ensure the scholar places the device in the same location for the next day.

Ø Ensure that your scholar's device is plugged in at the end of the day in order to be fully charged for the next school day.

If you have any questions regarding your scholar’s device, please contact: Harold Reed at hereed@aplusarts.com or 614-725-1305 ext.1001.



Please advise parents that if they haved moved in the last 6 months, make sure they have provided Current proof of residency, also update contact information as well as e-mail.

Columbus City Schools Transportation

  • Step One: In preparation for a possible return to Hybrid or face to face classes, please complete the online application NOW for a Columbus City Schools transportation route at: https://www.ccsoh.us/Page/4818 --An email address is required for registration.

***Returning families, please check your CCS Transportation portal to make sure your information is up to date.

  • Step Two: You should receive an email with a link to complete your online application.

  • Step Three: Then you should receive an email confirmation that your application has been submitted.

  • Step Four: CCS Transportation will send your student’s route information separately.

For any further transportation questions, contact: Columbus City Schools Transportation at 614-365-5074 OR visit 1560 Moler Rd | Columbus, OH 43207

Please click on the link below and complete the online form for transportation

Please Watch for Support with Google Classroom!

How to Use Google Classroom (For Parents and Students of A+)

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