Command Economy

Come to the winning team!

Why Command Economy?

Come to an economy where you will never be confused again on what finance decisions to make. We ensure your safety and health for free. We also produce all of your clothes and shoes you would be wearing. The command economy also enables the economy from failing. Here we wont have it any other way, but the best!

Get The Facts

The command economy works by the government determining everything such as what goods should be produced, how much should be produced, and the price at which the good will be sold for. We pay our workers at a stable salary, that way every time you get paid you'll know how much to expect and how well you can budget your money.


Some say that the government is very controlling. That is true but the government doesn't control everything like you think, the government only works to ensure that your health and safety is taking care of. Our government and economy is also very organized we make sure that we remain organized with how much we pay people and the prices that we charge our community.
Command Economy


Do you want an economy where you know that everything will remain the same? Wouldn't you want to have someone else make hard decisions for you, like what to wear everyday? If this is you then Command Economy is just for you. You would love it here and you wouldn't want to leave. So come on over!