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Why Do We Do What We Do?

There's nothing better than what children contribute to Valentine's Day sentiments...
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So we were looking for something clever to start our update to you, and we could not pass this up! Children write the funniest things. You can see their thought-process; hear their voice; and comprehend their observations. Classic!

And, then we stand back and ask ourselves, what else? Could we use technology to enhance this product? What other strategies might we use to help students peer edit and revise.

At the same time, with everything we are doing, it's good just to appreciate the simplicity of this innocent display of affection, reflect, and smile - This is WHY we do what we do.

We're grateful that you've chosen EduPaths to facilitate your own professional learning goals!

The EduPaths Team

Conference Season is Upon Us

EduPaths will be hosting a booth at MRA and MACUL.

If you plan to attend either one, please stop and say hello! Would love to hear how things are going as you participate in EduPaths courses. Nothing is better than getting live feedback! Come and see us!

New Courses Just Published & Others in the Pipeline

Courses Published:

  1. Analyzing School Initiatives for Impact

  2. Robots in the Elementary Classroom; Ignite the Imagination

  3. Google Sites: Build a Blended Classroom Website

  4. An Interactive Math Workshop from Start to Finish

  5. MI Excel Coaching: Coaching Basics

  6. Authentic Performance Task Assessments are Meaningful

  7. Taking Oprah to the Next Level: Hosting an Online Book Club with Edmodo

  8. Assessment in the Writing Workshop

  9. Google Forms: The Educator's Swiss Army Knife

  10. Forms, Limitations, and Improvements of Assessments

  11. Math Journaling to Stimulate Thinking in the Elementary Classroom

Check them out!

Courses in Development (published late February/early March):

  1. Homeless Education
  2. Movement and Talking in the ELA Classroom
  3. Collaborative Challenges in an Interactive Math Workshop
  4. Empowering You and Your Students with Prezi
  5. Supporting Language Arts Skills Through Technology
  6. High Quality Professional Learning: Increases in Educator Effectiveness Begins with Standards

We Appreciate the "Heart" You Have for EduPaths!

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