How to Make Cupcakes

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How to... make cupcakes

How to line the cupcake

You get out a 12 count baking sheet muffin tin.

Then you get cupcake liners. You can get them at target.

Now you put the liners in the holes in the pan.

Spray liners with a little pit of cooking spray.

How to make the batter

I like to use the boxed batter because it taste better.

But you use flour, eggs, water, milk, and oil that is the standered way to make cupcakes.

How to scoop the batter

Using a bigger scoop is very helpful.

But you take about a 3/4 cup full of batter and scoop it in the cupcake liners in the pan.

Baking the Cupcakes.

Now you stick them in the over for about 20 minutes


Now after you let the cupcakes cool for about 30 minutes

You can decorate them with frosting. you can make any design.

So cupcakes can be very easy to make. You can basically do your ouwn flavor and design.

Summary: This is tells you how to bake cupcakes. I put in things I thought were helpful and very useful for me. this is used to have a resource and examples of differet types of cupcakes and why cupcakes are the best food in the world.

Here are some exaples of the types of cupcakes.

cupcake slide show