Tonasket School District

Weekly Update ~ 11/1/2019

"Focused on Learning and Linking Learning to Life"

Be Positive, Be Grateful, Be Involved

4 Ways to Practice Positive Leadership Today

1. See possibilities when others don’t.

2. Focus on solutions instead of complaints.

3. Encourage people when they are feeling defeated.

4. Demonstrate commitment when others want to quit.

Remember, leadership is not just about what you can do but what you can inspire, encourage and empower others to do.

~ Jon Gordon


Capital Project Update

Now that the first phase of the HVAC is completed, the safety and security entryways restructuring and the CTE shop planning are underway. The high school will be the first phase of the entryways. Materials are being ordered and the contractor to install the access control on the front doors is being contacted. The plan is to have the HS entryway completed around Christmas break.

Powerful Teaching and Learning

On Thursday I was able to attend a Choice High School student exhibition. At this exhibition, the student presented their learning for the first quarter and we were able to give feedback and rate the student’s progress. I was impressed with how self-reflective the student was, and I encourage anyone who can to be a part of these exhibitions.


  • The district’s Educational Programs and Operations Levy expires at the end of 2020, so at Wednesday’s board meeting, discussion started to consider running a levy in 2020. The November 13 work session will be used to discuss the levy, to set a levy amount, and to decide which special election to run in.

  • On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to have lunch with six students from 4th and 5th grade. We had a great conversation and I asked them two questions: “What is going well?” and “What would you like to see changed?” I was impressed with the thoughtfulness of their responses, and with how much they liked school and the staff that worked with them.

  • Ballots are out for the November 5 election. It’s our civic duty to vote in elections, so please send in your ballots. Voters can still vote in-person at the auditor’s office and by mail. The dropoff box is by the city hall building next to the city library.

District Culture and Climate

The work on the culture and climate surveys is just about completed. The family survey will be ready for parent-teacher conferences. Notifications with the link will be sent out to parents and will be posted on the district website. A survey for staff and one for students will also be sent out when those are ready.

Parent and Community Engagement

  • It was another big turn out for Tonasket PTO’s Trunk or Treat activity on Thursday night. Lots of fun activities and trunks to treat at.

  • As I write this weekly update entry I am in Kettle Falls where I just finished meeting with Senator Shelly Short. We had a great conversation about education policy and regional issues.

Creative and Innovative

This Monday I will be in Spokane at the Rural Alliance Superintendent meeting to share the work Tonasket has done with our 4 local school districts and our ESD in developing our emergency plans.


  • FFA Parli Pro Team at Nationals made it to the finals, the top 4 in the nation. They have completed their finals run and won’t know their placing until the banquet tonight. This is a huge accomplishment in itself!

  • November enrollment is 1,072.92. Last month the enrollment was at 1089.15. We budgeted for 1,055.

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