Shay Lee Rosales


  • Bethlehem - Christ's birth city
  • Nazareth - city Jesus grew up in
  • Roman Empire - Sooner or later adopted christianity


Jesus was born around 4 B.C and died 30 A.D

After Jesus's death Christianity grew even more and became more stronger


Impacted the roman citizens because they were told to believe in the roman gods.

The Jews saw Jesus as a regular Jewish teacher and not the messiah ( brought some disagreements between Christians and Jews.)

The believers in Christ were executed because they were known as a threat to the roman empire.


Followers were known as ...

  • Christians
  • Orthodox
  • Protestants
  • Catholics
Some well know followers were The apostle Paul - who wrote most of the new testament in the bible, The 12 Desciples that followed Jesus around through his ministry, Constantine was known as the first Christian emperor

Importance Today

There is an estimated amount of about 2.2 billion people that follow Jesus.

Christianity is the #1 most popular religion in the world.

The importance of it today is to save the people who believe and don't believe in the faith of Jesus Christ because when they do believe that will give them salvation which is important when it comes to internal life in heaven.