taiga biome project

by breanna bryant

Biome Description

The taiga extends across North America, Europe and Asia. The taiga is known as the Coniferous or the Boreal forest. The taiga is mostly unpopulated. There are only a few cities there.

Abiotic Factors

If you live in the taiga, it would be cold and very lonely. The coldness and shortages of food make almost everything difficult but mostly in winter. The average temperature in taiga is below freezing. The temperature in the summer is as low as -7º . Which would be 20º in ferinhight. The landforms are, trees adapt by growing with thick bark. Taiga has many suscetible wildfires.

Biotic Factors

In the taiga, it makes it very difficult for animals to live there. but some of them stay because they have really thick fur and the others do not.The plants have less diversity. The most common plant is cone- bearing tree. The soil is very thin. the typical animals in the taiga are grizzly bears, wolves and wolverines.