Orlando Science Middle School

Grades 7th-8th

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  • Dress Code/Uniform Information
  • Clothing Donation Opportunity
  • Information Update Form
  • 7th Grade Immunization Requirement
  • New Student Documentation Reminder
  • Summer Reading Assignments
  • Middle School Soccer Tryouts

Campus Location and Contact Information

If you have a question regarding general information about the campus, please contact our Front Desk Associate listed below:

Mrs. Caggiano (Clarissa.Caggiano@orlandoscience.org)

Summer Office Hours

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General Information

Uniform Store and Dress Code Information

All students, K-12th, are required to wear a school uniform. Below is a link with information about Risse Brothers uniform store, as well as, our dress code requirements for our Middle School students.

Please keep in mind that rolling backpacks are not permitted.

Used Uniform Sale - During Orientation

Saturday, Aug. 10th, 10am

2427 Lynx Lane

Orlando, FL

Specific time to be determined.

Clothing Donation Drop-Off

Out grown some of your old uniforms? Looking to give them a new home?

Donations can be made to the campus of enrollment during summer office hours. All donations are appreciated and assist our Orlando Science Community.

Questions about donation? Reach out to our Front Desk, Clarissa.Caggiano@orlandoscience.org.

New School Year (2019-2020) Reminders

2019-2020 Emergency Student Information Form** REQUIRED

An email was sent out to all existing families on May 31st regarding the “2019-2020 Annual Information Update.” This email detailed information currently on file for your student(s). Confirmation and updates must be submitted via the link provided in that email. (The link can also be found below). Sections include Contact Information, Emergency Student Information, Media Release Preferences, and more.

THIS UPDATE IS NOT OPTIONAL. Students will not receive their Class Schedule if this form is not completed by August 2nd, 2019.

7th Grade Immunizations

OCPS requires that all incoming 7th grade students have an updated Immunization Form (DH-680) on file prior to the start of the school year. The form should have an additional tDap immunization date as well a "Code 8" listed at the bottom of the form. This is due no later than Saturday, August 10th.

Below is an example of the Immunization Form your physician will provide upon completion of update.

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If you do not have a primary care physician, or you wish to visit an alternative location for completeion of this task, please remember that urgent care facilities, like the one in the flyer below, are always another option.
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The Orange County Department of Health also has services available within the below schedule.

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If you have additional questions regarding this requirement please email our registration department at OSMSEnrollment@orlandoscience.org.

Join the OSMS PVO

It is time, once again, to join the Parent Volunteer Organization (PVO). Membership is $25 per family for returning families and $30 for new families, your membership dues go directly back into the school to provide items and supplies for our teachers.

If you have questions, comments, or requests, you may email OSS.PVO@orlandoscience.org. A formal PVO committee, including president and vice-president, will be announced at the end of the first quarter of the 2019-2020 School Year. PVO will hold bi-monthly meetings that will inform parents of progress, agendas, and upcoming events.

Incoming New Student Reminders

Document Submission Deadline

New Students! Final academic data must be submitted by Monday, July 15th. This includes the Withdrawal Form from their current school, final report card, and any standardized test results (FSA, FCAT, i-Ready, Stanford, Iowa, etc.) If FSA test results are not available by the deadline, we will follow up at a later time to collect that information.

Submission of academic data is essential to appropriately assigning your student to class(es). Consideration for academic level class placement may not be possible if Last Report Card and Standardized Test Scores (if applicable) are not submitted by July 15th.

If you have already obtained these documents you may either drop them off at the front office of your student’s respective campus or email to:

OSESEnrollment@orlandoscience.org (K-6)

OSMSEnrollment@orlandoscience.org (7-8)

OSHSEnrollment@orlandoscience.org (9-12)

Home School Withdrawal

Students who will be ending home education through OCPS must complete the Letter of Termination in order to have their student released for enrollment to Orlando Science School. To do so, visit the link below, select “Letter of Termination” from the menu on the left, then complete and submit the necessary form. https://www.ocps.net/cms/One.aspx?portalId=54703&pageId=102974

Academic Preparation

Summer Reading Assignment

We’re excited to share our Summer Reading list for the 2019-2020 school year. We continue to adjust the program to give students the best possible experience while also upholding the desire to turn them into life-long readers. We know that people who read are more successful in all spheres of life, and we want to give your child her/his best opportunity to be successful both here at OSS and beyond. On the other side of this sheet, you’ll find the summer reading lists. Please note that you do not need to purchase copies of these books and the only summertime requirement is that all books are read prior to the first day of school. All additional work regarding the novel will be assigned after school has begun.

This year, all middle school students are required to pick 1 novel from the 2019-2020 Sunshine State Reading List. Students will read one book from that list as their choice novel and we will complete a project once we return to school. It is important that the novel is read prior to the start of school so that students would have ample time to complete the project. Project requirements will be given out during the first 2 weeks of school and will be counted as the first major grade in the English Language Arts classes.

In addition to the Sunshine State book, students are asked to read and complete all the short stories for their designated grade level. Students are to answer all the questions that come after the stories, unless otherwise stated. These short stories will give students the insight of what our curriculum will be like and will have different genres that we will be using this year. The short stories packet will be due the first week of school. Packets are available on the main OSS web site if the student needs an additional copy.

We hope that, at the end of their time at OSS, all our students leave with a deep love of the English language and for the stories that connect us. We hope that the summer reading will give students insight as to what to expect from their English Language Arts classes this year. We hope that they are more compassionate, thoughtful, and intelligent people. We hope that they will develop wisdom and the ability to look beyond the surface of a thing to see its deeper truths, whether that “thing” is a book, a political situation, or another person. We hope that they are wise and just and true in their dealings with the world, and we know that great literature can help them to become all those things. We thank you for entrusting them to us, and we thank you for your support as we guide them through these literary encounters, even those that may not make immediate sense to you. We also welcome your feedback and conversation. If you have any questions regarding the middle school summer reading, please contact Katrina Frunker (frunker@orlandoscience.org).


The OSS Middle School ELA Department

2019-2020 Middle School Soccer Tryouts

Attention 2019-2020 6th-8th Grade Orcas: The Orlando Science Middle School Co-Ed Soccer Season will be kicking off the at the start of the school year. Tryouts are TENTATIVE to be held during the second week of school, more information will be released at a later date and time. Lynx Lane and Tech Drive 6th-8th Grade Orcas interested in trying out must have an OSS Sports Physical Packet-Soccer (found below) completed prior to tryouts.

The Sports Packet WILL require a physician completed sports physical. We encourage all students to visit Paramount Urgent Care for the $20 Sports Physical, and be sure to mention OSS for a donation voucher!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our MS Athletic Director Mrs. Mulligan.

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