For the Love of Egypt!

Josh, Ovik, Mitchell

Pharaoh of Egypt Decides to Change National Religion

Akhenaten, new pharaoh, decides to change religion of Egypt to monotheism. Not only did he change his name from Amenhotep IV to Akhenaten, which translates to "Servant of Aten," but also is changing the religion to worship one god, a sun god, and he even created a city called Akhenaten to worship him. Priests of Egypt are furious. It is unknown the future of Egypt to use right now, but this change can be accepted as an act of stupidity, an act of intelligence, necessity, or an act of Aten-tion.


Get to Know Your King!

Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) was born with a chemical imbalance in his body. This caused him to have feminine features: big hips, big hips, fatter upper body, elongated head, etc.,. Not only that, but he gave his wife certain powers that only he surpassed. He also changed the capital to Akhetaten (not to be confused with his name, Akhenaten.) Overall, Akhenaten

was a very controversial king and is argued about by many Egyptians, however, what do you think on this Pharaoh?

Valley of the Kings

Our new pharoahs great grandpas starting a new trend; being buried in the valley of the kings. This new burial ground is a stylish way to be going to the Afterlife, and many pharaohs so far have been buried here. Hopefully, many more pharaohs will be buried here like there predecessors!
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Stolen Tomb

The coffin of Amenhotep III is stolen! Commoners on the scene saw the criminal on the run and reported to king Akhenaten. The pharaoh said, “An act like this; must the god have mercy on their soul.” Amenhotep III was a good king who died at the age of 37 recently and his son Akhenaten took the rein. All Egyptians are hoping they can save his tomb.

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Protect Yourself!

Many cases of several life-threatening diseases have been spreading through Egypt in a rapid speed. One of the diseases have to do with your teeth, and it makes you lose your teeth much faster than an uninfected person would. Also, this mysterious disease that is apparently spread by mosquitos. The symptoms of this disease includes, vomiting, dizziness, and much more deadly symptoms. (especially death) Malaria can be avoided by not getting bitten by mosquitos. Remember, stay safe, Egyptians!

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Do You Really Know Your Queen?

One of your queens, Nefertiti, the beautiful is clearly you pharaohs favorite wife. She is even getting a temple for herself! Her husband, Akhenaten, said that she deserves a temple and assembled a group to start looking for the right place to build. Her name means, “beautiful one is come”. She married Akhenaten at age fifteen. Together they had six daughters and one son. Nefertiti acted like those usually performed by previous chief queens, all of whom had a secondary role.

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These Inventions Can Save You!

Need to get a lot of water out of your river? The shaduf is your answer for moving all that water from the river to your stomach. This new invention will move the water out of the river and transport it to your desired location. This works like a pulley system that can help you a lot.

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Baby is Born!

Queen Nefertiti and King Akhenaten have a new baby named Tutankhamun. This is the first boy and supposedly the next coming pharaoh. The young boy is one of seven children. There were six girls and finally a boy. Let’s see if Prince Tut is a good King Tut in the future!
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Breaking News! Pharaoh Dead!

Pharaoh Akhenaten dies and six year-old, new pharaoh, Tutankhamun becomes pharaoh of Egypt. He ruled for seventeen years changing a lot. He changed our religion and we are hoping that priests can do their jobs and trick King Tut to change back the religion. People say it will be like taking gold from a baby, but you never know what can happen with a six year old pharaoh. Most priests say that he was the worst pharaoh of Egypt for what he did to their religion. If the Egyptians can switch the religion back they might be capable of working together better and making Egypt better than ever. This will be harder now and easier as King Tut gets older. We do not know today how he died, but maybe they’ll know in the future.

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Artists Updates!

Egypt’s art is diminishing due to the religion change made by Akhenaten. In the past, we had lots of Gods to depict in our art, but we cannot show our love for the gods anymore. We now only focus on one god now, Aten. The priests and you fellow artists are not happy about this change, but for different reasons. This will be a hard time for us to bear, but let us hope that Akhenaten’s son, Tutankhamun, will change this mess and fix up artists’ beliefs.

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