Clyde's Corner

Mrs. Clyde - Issue No.8

Class News

I want to share how much I am enjoying your children. The first few months we spend so much time developing our classroom routines and expectations along with me getting to know your child's academic strengths and weaknesses. November is one of my favorite months because we really settle into life at school. The kids know our routines so well and we can really dive into the learning. In reading we are learning to ask and answer questions while we are reading. Kids need to learn how to THINK about a story before, during, and after they read. This does not come automatically. It is a learned skill. In writing we are working on writing a paragraph with an introduction, detail sentences and a closing. This is also not an easy task. But with support and guidance your kids did great on our paragraph writing about a Favorite Pet (these will come home soon!). I am sure you have heard that we are reading Charlotte's Web. I love this book for so many reasons -- the loveable characters, the friendship lessons, learning about farms and rural life, and last but certainly not least is all of the valuable reading skills we are learning. We have used the text to talk about characters, setting, problem and solution. We are learning about character traits. We are also learning about an author's purpose for writing (for entertainment vs. to teach us). Sadly, we are coming to the end of the book. We will celebrate our love of Charlotte and Wilbur by watching the movie on Nov. 25th ('s a surprise!). I am pretty sure we will have met our Rocky Rockstar goal just in time to celebrate with a movie on our 1/2 day of school (funny how that works out!).


This week we learned about thermometers. We learned how to read a thermometer and what the temperature means (low numbers = cold, high numbers = hot). We also looked at different types of thermometers we may have in our homes. Ask your child what they learned about thermometers and go on a hunt around your house for different types of thermometers. Help your child read the thermometer and understand the purpose of it (i.e meat thermometer vs. a thermostat).

Life Skill: Generosity

This month the whole school is focusing on the Life Skill of Generosity. This can mean a lot of different things. We can be generous with our words, our time, and with our things. The Kindergartners are teaming up with the Student Council to host a week-long Used Clothing Drive this coming week. All used children's clothes that are brought in will be donated to The Works. This is a great way to include your children and have them go through clothes that don't fit anymore. You can just bring them to the classroom and I will pass it on.

We will also be reading books and discussing other ways we can be generous to our friends, family, and community. This is a great thing to discuss at home as well.

Starting on Nov.30th we will start the annual Food Drive and Teen Gift Drive. This is another opportunity to help our kids learn generosity.

Headphones Wanted

If you have headphones you would like to donate to our classroom we would really appreciate it. We need headphones to use with the laptops and ipads in the classroom. Any donations (new or gently used) accepted! Thanks!

Gingerbread House Building - Friday, Dec. 18th

We would love to have your help with our Gingerbread House Building in December. Our class will be collecting cans of white frosting and candy. Please send in a can of frosting and a bag of unwrapped candy to be used for decorating the houses. Let me know if you are available to help with prep work on Dec. 17th and/or on the 18th from 8:00 to 11:00.

Book Order - Books Make Great Gifts!

Scholastic Book Club is a great way to find good fit books for your child to read. There are a lot of choices and it is really easy to order online. For every order, our classroom also gets free books for your kids to read at school.
Shop Online:
One-Time Class Activation Code: HG2LM

Dates To Remember:

Wednesday, Nov. 25th - Early Release at 11:15AM
Thursday, Nov. 26th & 27th - No School for Thanksgiving Break
Monday, Dec. 7th - No School - Staff Workday
Friday, Dec. 18th - K-2 Gingerbread House Building -- Volunteers Needed

A quick reminder to check your child's binder everyday and don't forget to sign that reading log. A new one will be sent home every Monday! THANKS!