Professional Freestyle Rider


Jackson Strong was born in Lockhart NSW on the 11th April 1991. Jackson grow up on the family farm and learnt to ride his first motorbike at the age of 5. Jackson "Jacko" Strong has been supported by his close family and has taught him to never give up.


Jacko's family farm in Lockhart was the perfect place for Jacko to learnt to ride, and he did so at the age of 5 years old. Over the next few years Jacko practiced his skills and by the age of 13 he became the youngest ever rider to join the Crusty Demon's Freestyle Motorbike Team.

Traveling around with the Crusty Demons tour saw Jacko's career develop in leaps and bounds. His close friend and mentor Robbie Maddison, who himself is a legend in the Freestyle industry, could see that Jacko was going to become one of the future stars of freestyle industry.

Jacko's first big break was when he was on tour in 2007 and at the age of 15. He was the youngest rider to ever back flip a full size motorcycle. Jackson's international career was kickstarted at the age of 17 when he traveled with the Crusty crew to South America and had the reputation of becoming one of the sports most fearless riders.

Brian Deegan, the leader of the Metal Mulisha freestyle Crew, seen Jackson's discipline, work ethic and hard work and asked him to join his crew. Jackson spent the next 6 months at Deegan's compound in California and started practicing and training with some of the best freestyle riders.

2010 was a huge year for Strong, who received invites to compete at the X Games and the Red Bull X- Fighters after successfully landing a front flip to dirt. Unfortunately, injury stop Jackson from fulfilling this dream at this time, but in 2011 he succeeded when he front flipped his way to a Gold medal at the X Games.

In 2012, Jackson landed a incredible body variable to win Best Trick gold for a second year. In 2013 Jackson tried something different by attempting to win a X Games medal by flipping a snowmobile, but unfortunately landed the jump short.

In January 2014, Jackson Strong's life took a tragic turn for the worse. While at a New Years Eve celebration at Lockhart, Jacko was injured in a fireworks explosion that left Jacko seriously hurt.

Jacko suffered from a serious leg injury as well as a chest and facial injuries and was flown to Sydney to be admitted to the Burns unit of St Georges Hospital. He also suffered damage to his eye and there were fears he would not see again or even have the ability to walk.

Jackson Strong showed that his never give up attitude was proven as his doctors told him he would never walk or ride a motorbike again. After many months of rehabilitation and sheer determination, Jacko proved them wrong. With the close support of his family and friends he not only walked again but is riding his bike even with the lose of sight of one of his eyes.

Jacko has starting touring again with Metal Melisha and Nitro Circus and is currently competing at the X Games which is amazing considering he was told he would never ride again.

In 2014 Jacko opened up his Motocross Park at Wagga for everyone to come and ride, I am lucky enough to say that I have ridden with Jacko as I ride at his Motocross track. Jackson Strong is a inspirational person to me because he is a local person who has had many setbacks but he has never given up on his dream.