My life with a twin sister!!!

When we were Born.

We were born in Covington, Louisiana. I was born first and Lauren was born second. Lauren was born 4 minutes after I was born. When we were born we were smaller than normal babies because when you're a twin your each have the size of a normal baby.

Growing up

Our my and our dad got a Divorce. We stayed with our dad and our mom leave the state. Our dad was in the army and had to leave us with our Aunt because he had to go to Iraq. We did cheerleading at our school in Covington, Louisiana. One to two years later we moved to Ford hood, Texas. Later our dad got married and we moved to Cedar park, Texas. Then our mom signed us up for basketball and our dad signed us up for soccer. We started playing basketball and soccer at the YMCA but later my mom started couching youth girl basketball and we join lone star soccer club.

Our first year in Elementary in Texas

We started Elementary in Texas in 2nd grade. Our dad decide to get us held back because Louisiana has a deferent style of teaching and the effect was our grades being D's and F's. Later we started getting A and B honor roles. We also attended speech because we had a accent. When we lived in Louisiana when were on a cheerleading team and now we play select soccer.