Waiting for Godot

In the play "Waiting for Godot" there are two main characters. One of the two is Estragon who goes by Gogo, he is not very wealthy, he is helpless and depends on his friend Vladimir a lot. Vladimir is the other main character in the play, him and Estragon have a strong friendship more like a brother bond.

Economic Status: Not Wealthy

Estragon is not very wealthy and it shows by the way he dresses and the way he desperately ask for food. Pozzo dropped the chicken bones on the floor, and Estragon stares at them greedily.

Estragon then asks Pozzo if he is done with the chicken bones, "Er . . . you've finished with the . . . er . . . you don't need the . . . er . . . bones, Sir?" Pozzo says to him that he must ask Lucky instead so he asks Lucky, "Excuse me, Mister, the bones, you won't be wanting the bones? ".


Estragon depends on Vladimir to remind him of certain things. Although they are friends they treat each other like family.

Estragon is always asking Vladimir questions since he forgets certain things.

Estragon: "What did we do yesterday?"

Vladimir: "What did we do yesterday?"

Estragon "yes."

Vladimir "Why .. (Angrily.) Nothing is certain when you're about."


Estragon is not to into religion because in the begging of the book Vladimir ask him "Did you ever read the bible?" Estragon replies with "The Bible . . . (He reflects.) I must have taken a look at it. " This shows how Estragon does not show much interest in religion since he just glance the bible and did not really get into it. He does not have much hope when it comes to religion and having faith because he is more of a person that is like whatever happens, happens.