Career Project

by: Madi Bendict


Hi, I'm Madi Benedict. I feel like my future is bright because I know what I want to be and I know what I have to do to achieve that. When I get older I would like to be an Interior Designer and have a side job as a Cosmetologist and my hobby be a photographer. I do want to go to college and I would like to Study a The University of Oklahoma known as OU. I feel Like they have a very nice campus and they have all the classes I need for me to be what I want to be. I do know the education I need because I have looked it up online before. I think my future is bright if I stay on top of things and don't get side tracked.

My Jobs

Interior Designer

Requires Bachelor's Degree
$47,600 per year
$22.89 per hour
Job Growth =
Interior designers select and specify colors, furniture, and other materials to create useful and stylish interiors for buildings.


Postsecondary non- degree award.
$22,770 per year
$10.95 per hour
Hairdressers provide hair styling and beauty services.


highschool diploma or equivalentSalary:
$28,490 per year
$13.70 per hour Job
4%Some photographers travel for photo shoots, and others work in their own studios.

Reflect: The Interior Designer pays the most by far. I have always wanted to be one so I am very happy, but I have also wanted to be a photographer which is the sec on highest paying job. I want to be cosmetologist over a photographer which is the least paying job though so I think ill do cosmetologist when I'm unemployed and then try to find a interior design job cause thats what I want to be most of all.

My Color and Holland test

Color Test Results: My true color is Orange. This means I act on a moments notice, I consider life as a game here and now, I need fun, varitey, stimulation, and excitement, I value skill, resourcefulness and courage, and I am a natural trouble- shooter, a preformer and a competitor.

Reflection: I think the descriptions fit me very well. I am very fun and I am a very big competitor, I do act in a moments notice even if it is right or wrong cause during that moment when i think of something it just kind of comes out, I love excitement because i would rather be excited so my blood starts pumping and I have something to look forward to than just be told whats gonna happen then just be bored with the fact, that thats what I'm doing. I have a lot of courage and i am very resourceful because when my friends are sad most of the time they come to me so I can cheer them up but they know when they come to me I am very blunt and tell them that they ether need to fix something or they need to move on in life and just be done with it. I am in trouble a lot not really at school but at home because I think when Im at home then I have a lot of bad memories and they just kind of shows so I guess I do shoot to be bad or in trouble at home cause thats how I get my point across sometimes. I am definitely a Orange.

Holland Test Results: My test results were Realistic and Artistic.

Reflection: I am glad that I got Realistic and Artistic because you need to be those two things when you want to be and Interior Designer and a Cosmologist. When you want to be those you have to be creative. I am artistic so I don't think that will be a problem but I can always grow with creativity. I'm very happy I got those two results.


School Location Tuition Cost Scholarships Available Requirements for entry (SAT scores) Degrees Available

Oklahoma University

Norman, Oklahoma.

$30,329 for out of state

yes, you have to apply for one online.

SAT score of 1180


University of California

Los Angela, California


yes, but they give them out. you can't apply for one.

Top 9% or more then 200.

-Letter and science majors
- Art Majors (etc.)

University of Texas Austin, Texas

yes, they give out sport, grades, etc.

SAT: 1901
- bachelor of fine arts
-doctor of pharmacy

Reflect: I really just want to go to OU but if I don't get into OU then i need a back up plan. My back up plan if I don't get into OU I want to go to UCLA because it is in Los Angeles and it is only 5 miles away from the beach. If I don't get into UCLA then I will want to go to UTA because its close and it is very cheap.


I choose to live in Dallas because it is close to my family. Also there is a lt of businesses of interior design and cosmetology. I choose an efficiency apartment because Im goon be the only on living there so I don't need to pay a lot of money on a house for one person. I choose to have electricity so the lights would come on and because i can't live with out electricity, i picked gas and water cause for my stove and sink I need those two thing a lot, I choose a mobile phone incase there is an emergency, and I picked to have internet so I can pay $8 a month instead of $52 a month with cable. I choose to eat at home for the first year maybe (maybe longer) because I need to save as much money as I can. I chose a used auto because I need a car but I'm not going to get a brand new car (cause who knows I could total it the first day i get it) and pay $1300 instead of $530. I choose the designer packet on the clothes because I am not paint much on anything else and I do want to treat my self to something nice every once in a while, I also got the shoes packet because I need shoes to walk, and I got the accessories packet because its not that i need it, its kind of a want because again I want to treat myself everyone in a while. I chose to have health insurance one because it isn't very expensive, and because i really ever get hurt or going to the dentist but I need the insurance incase something did happen. On the personal art i did get the basic packet and i got the luxuries packet because i need the basics for one resin I need a tooth brush and tooth paste, i need shampoo, i need soap, and I need deodorant. I got the luxuries because I am obsessed with makeup and perfume, so I thought I would also treat myself to that as well. I choose the home bundle for $25 because it allows me to stay a home and buy music, rent movies, and play games (which I probably won't be doing). I really want a pet when I start college so I will be paying $100 a month for my dog ( it will be a little teacup puppy named Olaf). I choose to save 5% of income because it was cheaper than 7% and I don't just want to get 2%. I choose to get a bachelors degree because I need the for the three jobs I want to prusue and It is at a public school so it's cheaper and that is good. So in total I spend $37,856 a month but that's okay cause if I do all three jobs at the same time or just interior design I will have over 15,000 dollars left over every month.
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