My Life(:

Bertha Maricelita Martinez

My name is Bertha. I love the color neon green. I like math, its my favorite subject. I like to do cosmetology stuff, be with my friends and dance. My favorete animal are pomeranian dogs.

Maria Torres

My mom is a very talkitive person. She likes to make friend but never make them to close. She doesn't like to show her feelings . She has anger issues, she says what she thinks and never regrets anything she does. She is my idol and i love her to death. She likes to cook and plants. Our favorite memory was when we go out to restraunts and talk about personal and interesting things. Her favorite animal are dogs,but she is in love with butterflies.

Erika Martinez

This girl is very annoying. She is always on her phone and she love the color red. She wants to be a vet when she grows up. She about to turn 15 and she has anger issues as well. Also, she loves to clean. My sisters hobby has always been to collect books. My favorite memory with my little sister its always when we lay outside and look at the stars and talk about our problems. She loves any kind of animal.

Jaime Rodrigues

This guy is my step-dad. He is shy but loves to go out. And he also likes to dance and mechanical things. He may not be my dad but he is a very important person for me. He always been there for me and my sister. I consider him my dad. His hobby is to do mechanic things. My favorite memory was when he takes us out to eat only him and my sister and me to have daddy time. His favorite animal is a pitbull.

Roberto Jr. Martinez

My older brother is 20 years old he loves to do mechanic as well. He doesn't like to talk a lot he is very shy when he doesn't now people. His favorite animal are dogs and he loves the color blue. We don't really have memmories because we fight everytime we talk to each other.