How Was The Sun Formed?

By Libby Dix

Fact #1

Space is full of gas and dust (it's called molecular dust).

At cold temperatures (10 to 20K), the dust and gas condenses into a dense cloud.

Fact #2

After time, clouds of gas and dust starts to collapse on itself because of gravity. It eventually becomes a protostar.

Fact #3

It continues to condense until the interior of the protostar gets EXTREMELY HOT where atoms give off thermonuclear energy (that is the point that stars get hot).

Fact #4

This entire process takes about 10 million years.
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Methods Used

  • Radio telescopes
  • Scientists can see how young stars are forming, which helps us understand how older stars like our star was formed.


The sun was formed when clouds of dust collapsed on itself because of gravity. I also thought it was really cool because the molecular clouds are really cold, but by the end of the process it is really hot.