Taste and tell

a trip in Casentino

Countryside and Taste

The trip begins in Subbiano, a small town in the lower side of Casentino. Romans lived on the hills of Catenaia and the town was very important for the ancient viability. Here you can see the ancient Lombard tower and taste a sweet breakfast in the old town.

From here, we suggest you to go to Vogognano, on the nearby hills. Farmers live here and you can see some charming Tuscan "case Coloniche" (ancient farms) in stone. Besides, you can find great beekeepers and winemakers here. Leaving Vogognano and going towards north you'll arrive in Bibbiena, a beloved town for the setting of the novellist Emma Perodi. You might choose to have lunch in town, before visiting Stia, the heart of the "panno del Casentino" (Casentino cloth), where you can find the museum of the ancient

What next? Well, if we are tired we can go back, or... have a look around.

Roads and Faith

Chitignano is our first step to reach the holy places hidden in Casentino. This small town was important because of the Castle of Ubertini and the gun power. People of Chitignano smuggled items from their town to Valtiberina using hidden paths in the forests. Next step: Borgo Sarna, a tiny charming village with a breathtaking sight of Casentino.

Eventually we reach La Verna, Saint Francis' first home as a monk.

Drive time from Castiglion Fibocchi to La Verna about 2 ore.

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