Nicholas caron

Typing web

- Typing web taught how to type.

- It tracked your time and your accuracy.

- By the end of the semester you should have finished the intermediate course.


- itrailer was where you make a slide movie.

-We had to make them about are self.

- Then we shared the itrailers.

Career locker

- Career locker is a web site that helps you find what job you like.

- Mr. Noe came in and told us about career locker and had us take some surveys.

- After we did a haiku deck about a job we were interested in.

Haiku deck

- Haiku deck is a web site that you can make presentations on.

- We made a haiku deck about our dream job.

- Then we shared our Haiku decks.

Explain everything

- Explain everything is a website to make a video slide

- We did a math problem with it.


Hour of code

- It was a web site that taught about computer programming.

- It had games and puzzles that you had to put in the right code.

- We did it to teach us about computer programming.

Email etiquette

- It was to teach us how to properly write an email.

- We watched a video for it and then answered some questions.

- I learned stuff that I didn't know before.