The Cheetah and the Elephant

By: Savannah Savage

The Cheetah and the Elephant

One day the elephant, named Rosy, was walking around when suddenly a big car pulled up. Lots of men and women with equipment got out of the car and started walking toward Rosy the elephant. Rosy did not know if they were going to try to harm her.

Rosy herd one of the men say,'' Don't charge, be calm we need this elephant for the Zoo.''

Rosy got very nervous and did not know what to do. When the people got closer a cheetah ran up and scared all the men and women off.

''Thank you,'' said Rosy. ''No problem,'' exclaimed the cheetah. ''What is your name?'' Rosy asked the cheetah. ''My name is Carlos,'' replied the cheetah. ''I need to go, good bye." And off Carlos was, out of sight.

A few days later the catchers were back but not for Rosy for Carlos! Rosy ran as fast as she could toward them. They were frightened and ran off.

"Thank you," said Carlos. "A friend helps a friend." An off she was.

The catchers never came back and the cheetah and the elephant lived happily ever after!

Theme: Kindness can be repaid.