study skills

tips on ways to study

Step.1 Manage your time

Make a weekly schedule and devote a certain amount of time per day to studying.

This will improve your grades

Step.2 study time

Study in 20 to 50 minutes chunks. it takes your brain to form long term memories and you can't just keep studying for too long with no end.

Try not to get distracted while studying. Take 5 to 10 minutes brakes minimum and do things physically active to get your blood flowing and make you more alert. Get up and move around, do a few jumping jacks,run around the house. Do enough to get yourself pumped and awake no worn out and sleepy.

step.3 find a good studying spot.

Find a good studying spot,somewhere that you feel comfortable,but not too comfortable so the you won't fall asleep.Do not let your siblings distract you and listing to blasting loud music is not okay.

Step 4,5 and 6

Step 4. if you have a lot on your mind try to yourself some notes about what you are thinking about to clear your mind before you start studying,so you can focus on your work.

Step 5. Have a snack ready for you are gong to study, avoid junk foods or drinks that will make you hyper active. Foods like apples and grapes,natural fruit juices and ants on a log would be a great and healthy snack.

Step 6. Rewrite your notes before your test to refresh your brain on what you studied on and make sure to spread it out so you will understand it better.

Take your time and don't be too stressed out!!

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