Teacher Professionalism

Guidelines to follow to ensure you are your best.

Code of Conduct & Contractual Obligations

  • Follow the code of conduct set by your employer
  • Follow the rules set out in your contract
  • Make suggestions to administration if you have ideas for improvement

Liability & Responsibilty

  • Be responsible for your actions
  • Care for the best interest of your students
  • Be prompt and on time
  • Be prepared for class


  • Develop positive, personal relationships with your students, coworkers, administration, parents, and people within the community
  • Learn and grow from these interactions
  • Be available
  • Work together with your coworkers

Resolution & Follow-through

  • Use discipline.
  • Communicate with your students and parents about issues, whether positive or negative.

Educational success is the goal; make your lessons the tool to success!

Extra tips:

As a teacher you need to make sure that you treat everyday as a fresh start. Let the issues from yesterday be a thing of the past, and focus on the positives of today. Keep your personal life and stressers out of your professional life so that you can be the best you possible! Keep your portfolio up to date, and always strive to be better than the day, semester, even year prior.