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September 15, 2017

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Note from Mrs. Donnell

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Drive 4UR School event. CCS was able to raise $3000+ because of you!.

Thank you to the PTF for inviting me to your quarterly meeting this week. The role you play at CCS is so very important and appreciated. I value your input and am blessed to be able to work with you.

The change in our weather this week has made me think about those who have suffered so much loss and devastation in Texas, The Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Florida from hurricanes and the fires in the Western US states. We might complain about the rain and the cooler weather, but we are so blessed to live in the Midwest. We suffer some of our own types of devastation, but I do not believe that we can fully understand what these folks are dealing with. Many have lost all of their worldly possessions and even loved ones, but we, as Christians, know that there is true hope in Christ for each of them. Continue to pray for each of these situations and those who may not know the same hope that we have through Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

In Christ’s Love,

Mrs. Donnell

ISTEP+ Results Are In...

Look for Mr. Wildey's statement about CCS's ISTEP+ scores in the Private School Overview of the Republic's article about the district's test scores. CCS had an increase in student scores! You can view the article here: The Republic Article

Picture Day Tuesday, September 19

Picture Day is September 19th. Check out the School Portrait brochure that went home in last weeks red folder. Can't find your brochure? You can pick up another one at the Crusader Connections or download one here. You can also order online at

School Picture Order Form Here

Family Discount! Sheldon School Pictures offers a discount for families with 3 or more students. Check it out on the order brochure.

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Elementary Chapel

Pastor Kevin Ridder, from Bible Baptist Church in North Vernon, gave two great illustrations about being salt and light in the world based on Matthew 5:13-16.

First illustration: An egg in clear water sinks to the bottom but put that egg in salt water and it floats. Salt changed the water and had an influence on the egg.

1. "You are the salt of the earth" - You influence others by showing that Jesus (the salt) makes life better. How? When bad things happen, you have the promise that God will be there and grow you into a better person. You also have the promise of Heaven so you know that you will be with Him when you die.

Second Illustration: Glow sticks only glow after they have been turned on.

2. "You are the light of the world" - Light exposes dangers in your path and also lights the path to take. You are the light for others so show them the dangers that are harmful to them and lead them on the path to Jesus.

By believing in Jesus Christ, accepting Him as your Lord and Savior, you can be salt & light.

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Junior & Senior High Chapel

Rev. Shannon Cockrell from Crossroads Bible College spoke with the students about the importance of learning greek.

English verbs have tenses—past, present, and future. Greek verbs have these same tenses, but they also have what is known as "aspect." Present-tense Greek verbs mean more than the action is occurring presently. A Greek verb can also carry the meaning that the action is occurring continually or repeatedly. This is lost in English unless the aspect word "continually" or "repeatedly" is added to the translation along with the verb. A specific example of this is Ephesians 5:18, " filled with the Spirit." In the original Greek, this verse is telling us to continually be filled with the Spirit. It is not a one-time event—it is a lifelong process. This "aspect" is lost in the English translation.

Perhaps this is a good analogy: reading the Bible without knowing Greek and Hebrew is like watching a basic television, while reading the Bible knowing Greek and Hebrew is like watching a curved 80" UHD 4K television with stereo surround sound. You can fully understand what is going on with the basic television, but the curved 80" UHD 4K television with stereo surround sound gives added depth and clarity. With the help of the Holy Spirit, anyone can accurately understand the Bible in English. However, knowing Hebrew and Greek helps to better understand the nuances and richness of the biblical texts.


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Thank you, Pastors, for coming to the Pastor's Appreciation Pep Rally Breakfast!

Did you know over 40 different churches are represented within the student body at Columbus Christian? As a thank you to the pastors for supporting our school families, CCS hosted a "Pastor's Appreciation Pep Rally" breakfast last week. A special thank you to the Mini Cheerleading Team for helping establish a fun atmosphere and to Tammy Carlson for the delicious food!
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Were you unable to attend the quarterly meeting?

Stay in the loop! Click here to see what events are coming up - PTF Newsletter. Want to get in on the fun? Email

Grandparents t-shirts

PTF has a few more Grandparents t-shirts available. Cost is $7.

Email: to get one. Available in red & blue. Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL

Devotion for Prayer Warriors

Click here for a short devotion: “PRAYERparation” to Serve

Remind Texting Service

Get important information from your child's teacher and school with the free Remind app. It's easy to use. Follow the instructions below.
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Set Builders Needed!

The Drama department is in need of Set Builders for the fall play. Are you handy with building things? Please contact Mrs. Maurey at or call the school office for more information.

Science Study Tips

Mr. Buterbaugh has created a list of helpful tips to help your student succeed in science. Check it out here: Science Study Tips

If you need help in guiding your student through science please contact Mr. Buterbaugh at for guidance. We are here to make sure your child succeeds!

Help Encourage A Student To Do Their Best!

If interested, contact the following:

Elementary: Speak to the teacher of the grade you could help.

Jr. High and High School: Contact Mr. Buterbaugh at (We will have a meeting the beginning of September for all mentors.)


Support our athletic teams - Make plans to attend a soccer and volleyball game this season! Our Varsity Volleyball Team will honor their senior teammates on Thursday, September 21.


DATE CHANGE - Pick up date for mums and pumpkins has been changed to Friday, September 22 from 3:00 - 5:30 at Columbus Christian.

(Both Marr Road and Indiana Ave. will be closed Saturday, September 23 due to the Columbus Marathon).


A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT PARTICIPATED IN THE DRIVE 1 4UR school. We had over 160 people that participated in a test drive. That means that we should receive a check from Ford Motor Company for over $3,000.00 Thank you to coaches, student athletes and parents that worked the event. Your help was greatly appreciated.

(Beth has pictures of some of our students at Renner Ford on Saturday that she can forward to you if you would like. She also sent the pictures to Lori if that would be easier for you.)

Red Bull Air Race

Volunteers are needed to work at the "Red Bull" Air Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15. Volunteers will meet at the McDonald's in front of the Outlet Mall and carpool to the Motor Speedway. CCS volunteers will staff a retail shop where we sell hats, t-shirts and memorabilia. If you are able to volunteer, please contact the school office with your name and phone number and someone will be in touch with you. Click here to learn more about the Indianapolis Red Bull Air Race.
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Looking for a way to bless a special CCS teacher or support staff? PTF found out some of their favorite things so you don't have to guess! Available all year long, here on the newsletter. Download available below.

Alma Mater Lyrics for CCS Choir

Click here for the lyrics to our school's Alma Mater song.

How to logon to Google Account At Home

Follow this link: How to logon to Google for instructions on how to access your child's account at home.

ParentsWeb - RenWeb School Management Software

Want to get more involved in your child’s academic progress and future success – all via the Internet! See your child’s grades, attendance, homework and conduct, as well as other useful school information. You can also communicate with teachers and other school staff online whenever necessary. All you need is an Internet-capable computer. For more information on how to access RenWeb, click here: Parent Login Instructions

CCS would like to go paperless with the lunch ordering forms. Would you consider trying the online ordering system and letting the office know if you like it or not. You can still pay for lunches in the office (and save money as the online ordering system does have a fee). Give it a try and let your voice be heard!

  1. Go to:
  2. Order your child's lunch.
  3. Email: and let them know about your experience.

Athletic Schedules

Volleyball and Soccer Schedules

List of Teacher's Favorites

Updated with Support Staff's Favorites!

Save the Date!

Picture Day

Tuesday, September 19

College Fair at East High School

For 11th & 12th grade students

Thursday, September 21 - 11AM

Mum & Pumpkin pick-up

Pick up date for mums and pumpkins has been changed to Friday, September 22 from 3:00 - 5:30 at Columbus Christian.

(Both Marr Road and Indiana Ave. will be closed Saturday, September 23 due to the Columbus Marathon).

See You At The Pole

Tuesday, September 26

Sr. High Retreat - Big Creek Mission

September 25 - 29

End of Nine Weeks

Friday, October 6

Fall Break

October 9-13

Fifth grade state bags

Fourth grade at WonderLab

2nd Grade created a patriotic craft in honor of 9-11

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First grade shadow study

These are the stages of our shadow study today. We traced several times to see where our shadow is, what it looks like, and why.

Kindergarten at Apple Works

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A for apples in Preschool - making applesauce

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